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    RIP Doug Smith

    Florence Brass have recently suffered a deep loss with the death of Doug Smith. Doug joined the band in 1956, and until his death 18th February 2009 served the band tirelessly. He was the band's treasurer, and a horn player. Doug was one of those guys that you have in a band that does...
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    Florence Brass - Stoke on Trent

    Florence Brass currently have vacancies for back row cornets and BBb bass (2). The band rehearses Monday evenings in Longton. The band is non contesting.
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    BiNaK Valve Oil

    Does anyone know of a UK retailer that stocks this oil? Just looking to save on shipping charges......
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    If you should get bored and want to spend a few hours having a chuckle - try: You must in the past have received an email from Nigeria telling you that you can receive x million dollars, just to clear some funds through your bank account...? Well this guy - scams em back -...
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    Eric Ball & Star Lake.

    Whilst playing this march at band, I was asked how it came to be named "Star Lake". I think that Eric Ball wrote the march, when he was "guest of honour" at Star Lake camp in America. Could someone please confirm if this is correct. It it isn't correct, how did the march come by this name?
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    Florence Brass

    Florence Brass require trombone players. We rehearse on Mondays 7.45pm to 9.45pm. We rehearse at the Florence Colliery Miners Club in Longton, Stoke on Trent (yep, there is a bar :) ) We are a friendly non contesting band, which plays a wide variety of music, and find that every year we...
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    Stoke on Trent - Trombones Needed

    Florence Brass require trombone players (yes two). I am a cornet player and therefore am not required to understand the tech knowledge that these non valved instrument players use, but it is Tenor Trombones we need . We are a non contesting band, that meet each Monday at 7.45pm until...
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    Trombone Player. Stoke on Trent

    Florence Brass, a non contesting band require a solo trombone player. We are a friendly band, rehearsing on a Monday night 7.45pm - 9.45. We have a varied calender of engagements, from concerts to park jobs. If you fancy the enjoyment that banding can give, without the hassle of test...
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    Sold/Expired Vincent Bach 1.5C Cornet Mouthpiece

    Does anyone have a Vincent Bach 1.5 C Cornet Mouthpiece for sale?
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    A Question Re Prestige Cornet

    The Prestige cornet has a third valve trigger and a main tuning slide trigger. The question is, why does it have a third valve trigger? Surely the main slide trigger will perform the same job...........
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    Sold/Expired Denis Wick 5 or 5b Cornet Mouthpiece wanted

    Has anyone got an unwanted Denis Wick 5 or 5b Cornet Mouthpiece for sale?
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    Euphonium Players - Your Opinions Please..

    Being a cornet player I know little or nothing about techniques that apply specifically to Euphs.. I was informed recently that Euph players never need to apply Vibrato as the instrument is SO resonant that the instrument basically produces it naturally. I really do not want to drag up the...
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    Beta-blocker posts [split & moved from original]

    Beta Blockers Having read the article in the New York Times (see link below) - I wondered if the use of Beta Blockers was widespread in the banding world. I must admit that I have not come across anyone that uses them...
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    Shirts and Ironing....

    Have you ever woken up after a really good nights sleep, seen the sun shining and feel that you can take on the whole world? Well, that happened to me this morning. I just knew with such certainty that the day had come!! - I was going to iron a shirt!! I spent the next twenty minutes or so...
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    Any Leeds Fans Here?

    Well how the mighty are fallen.......... Stoke contained you...... What a lot of meetings we have had in the past - I remember broken legs from Stoke.......and loads of aggro after that whenever we met.... Up The Potters!!:)
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    Sold/Expired Pocket Trumpets

    Just thought that I would share something here........... I took a risk a week or so ago and purchased a pocket trumpet off ebay. It cost me £60, was brand new and I have to say, is of top quality. It blows like a dream and I have checked the intonation against a tuner - it is spot on. I say I...
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    Sold/Expired Denis Wick 3 Cornet Mouthpiece

    I have a Denis Wick 3 Silver Cornet Mouthpiece for sale on Ebay. Mint Condition
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    RESOLVED: View New Posts

    On the first screen that appears when we log in - it says "New Posts". Are "New Posts" - posts since last visit (like the old tMP) or posts in the last hour (two hours)?????
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    James Klages discusses Cornet

    This is really interesting.......
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    Taunton Silver Band

    This is a bit of a "long shot" posting here really ...... Has anyone here ever played in Taunton Silver Band? I know it later became known as Taunton Concert Band, and took in loads of youngsters on woodwind etc....... Whatever - it would be good to hear from anyone involved in that band...