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  1. GJG

    Regressive Butlins Choices ... ?

    So, has anyone read this? Butlins announces their overtures to bumper prizes in 2019 The organisers of the Butlins Contest have announced that every single test-piece will be an arrangement (in most cases a "dated" arrangement) of a classical orchestral "pot-boiler", with not one original...
  2. GJG

    Sold/Expired Wanted - Schilke 13C4 cornet mouthpiece

    Bit of a long shot, but I'm looking to buy a used Schilke 13C4 cornet mouthpiece, if anyone has one lying around they no longer need ...
  3. GJG

    Regionals '16 CD

    Wearing my cynic's hat, I probably already know the answer to this question, however: Can anyone confirm whether the CD has a newly recorded version of "Essay", or have they simply reissued the recording from the old Dyke/Watson Gregson collection? On the WoB website is simply says "Black...
  4. GJG

    Idle curiositry: Percussionists?

    In the recent review of "The God Particle" (Europeans set test this weekend) on 4BR: ... About half-way down the page there is a photo of the Percussion Stage Setup diagram from the score. Towards the top-left of the picture there is...
  5. GJG

    Malcolm Arnold - "Peterloo" Overture; Narration?

    Going from memory here, so there's a distinct possibility I'm way off track, however I have a recollection of several concert reviews/reports on 4BR and the like concerning performances of the brass band arrangement of "Peterloo" Overture, with some kind of narration being mentioned. A Google...
  6. GJG

    Euphonium Vacancy - The Egham Band

    The Egham Band (L&SC 1st Section) has a vacancy for a 2nd Euphonium player (position may be negotiable for the right player). The Egham Band is a friendly, hard-working but sociable group of players, based in Egham, Surrey, just off J13 of the M25. We have own purpose-built rehearsal facility...
  7. GJG

    Reducing mouthpiece pressure?

    ... Suppose this would be one way: (you'll need to click "see original listing" to see the photo) ????!
  8. GJG

    The Egham Band presents "Music from the Movies"

    Date: Sat. 19th October 2013 Time: 7:30pm Venue: The Magna Carta Arts Centre Thorpe Road Staines-upon-Thames Middlesex TW18 3HJ Tickets £5 per person, available on the door or can be reserved by emailing *CHILDREN UNDER 16 FREE WITH A PAYING ADULT*
  9. GJG

    O/T - advice sought from techie-type people, please.

    Hi all: I'm currently looking at a system upgrade, and I'm considering moving to a laptop instead of a desktop, which I intend to use at home by plugging it into a 19" monitor and using a wireless keyboard and mouse. The idea being I'll effectively have a PC, but it'll be portable as well...
  10. GJG

    E-mail notifications not working?

    I seem to have stopped receiving e-mail notification of new postings on threads to which I am suscribed. I haven't changed any settings, and I've just re-checked the settings, and as far as I can tell, I should still be getting e-mails. Any ideas?
  11. GJG

    1st horn for contest rehearsal 6/11

    Egham Band (1st Section) have a dedicated extra rehearsal tomorrow morning (Sunday 6/11 - 10:30am-12:00) for an upcoming contest. Unfortunately our regular 1st Horn has to work, and since we have an otherwise full band, I would like to have the part covered if at all possible. So if you live...
  12. GJG

    Finale 2012 released

    I realise this may be of limited relevance to most banders here in what is predominantly Sibelius-occupied territory, however just in case anyone is interested:
  13. GJG

    Bass required - Egham Band (L&SC)

    The Egham Band (Surrey/Middx/West London borders) is looking to recruit a 1st Section standard Eb Bass player. (We would welcome interest from a Bb bass player, as we may be able to switch existing players to accomodate.) Ideally we are keen to find someone who is prepared to commit to the band...
  14. GJG


    Can anyone from the moderation team explain why the "transposing instrument" thread has been locked, without any form of comment or justification? I am not suggesting for a moment that there was not not a good reason for so doing, but to do it so abruptly without any explanation is, IMHO...
  15. GJG

    "Diversions" - Errata?

    I've contacted the publisher (R Smith & Co.), and been told that there is no official errata listing for "Diversions on a Bass theme". Whilst there seem to be very few possible errors in "Diversions" (certainly compared to some other recent offerings) there is one particular point that...
  16. GJG

    Eb Bass urgently required for Harrogate

    Due to unexpected employment relocation (to Qatar - bit far to commute for rehearsals!), The Egham Band (Surrey/Middx/West London borders) is looking to recruit a 1st Section standard Eb Bass player. (We would welcome interest from a Bb bass player, as we may be able to switch existing players...
  17. GJG

    E-mail notifications stopped?

    Is it just me, or is anyone else not getting instant notifications via e-mail for new posts on subscribed threads?
  18. GJG

    Groan ...

    Currently doing the rounds amongst the staff at NATS (Is this really the best they can come up with ... ???): "Waiter, ... Waiter? There's ash in my soup!" "Yes, Sir; that's because it's a no-fly zone ... " [... Coat ...]
  19. GJG

    Star Wars - A Musical Journey

    Did anyone else go and see it at the O2 arena over the weekend? Quite superb, I thought. Even though I'm not a great fan of close-mic'ing and amplifying an entire orchestra, it's difficult to see how else it could have been done. Would like to know who all the brass players were. Didn't feel...
  20. GJG

    Direct Recording Services Ltd.

    We've had an E-mailshot/circular-type-thingy from these people: Anyone had any experience of them? Recommend/endorse/otherwise? TIA Gareth