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  1. davidquinlan

    L&SC Areas 2014

    Indeed, :) I'd say today is the cut off for getting those grapes in vinegar to ensure they are sour enough when the results are announced next Sunday evening. :)
  2. davidquinlan

    L&SC Areas 2014

    Same rules were in place when those with puzzled places won or were placed, or received favourable placing.......
  3. davidquinlan

    Non-contesting bands around London?

    Many vacancies, not just bass trombone, I think I typed that automatically as I saw MoominDave had posted a reply... :)
  4. davidquinlan

    Non-contesting bands around London?

    Hi, Regent Community Brass are currently looking for a Bass Trombone Player. They do attend limited contests, but primarily are a concert band.
  5. davidquinlan

    Regent Community Brass - Vacancies

    Regent Community Brass have vacancies for forthcoming Area Contest and beyond! Details on the Regent Brass website, or drop me a message here! Thanks!
  6. davidquinlan

    New Musical Directors Appointed at Regent Brass

    Regent Brass are delighted to announce that Paul Archibald will be Musical Director of Regent Brass and John Holland will be Musical Director of Regent Community Brass. For more information, visit Regent Brass Website.
  7. davidquinlan

    Regent Brass wins prestigious grants

    Regent Brass wins prestigious BBC Performing Arts Fund and PRS grants for composition and performance. Regent Brass to work with talented composer Raymond Yiu on his debut piece for brass band - Innovative composition will be inspired by Regent’s diverse local community - Debut...
  8. davidquinlan

    The Olympics - Musicians Union Press Release

    I think you are right, there is no prize money or fee, but it is about sport, THEY are the ones that enter for the experience, Olympic spirit, prestige, honour of representing their country etc.. all other professional services should be subject to professional contracts and appropriate...
  9. davidquinlan

    The Olympics - Musicians Union Press Release

    Even professional musicians? It's their job / living / pays the bills etc....
  10. davidquinlan

    The Olympics - Musicians Union Press Release

    There is probably another thread relating to this, about bands being keen to play etc.. Here is a press release from the Musicians Union “We are talking to the London Olympics organising committee (LOCOG) about these reports as LOCOG has signed a Principles of Cooperation with the TUC...
  11. davidquinlan

    English Nationals 2012

    I'd say in Brighouse / Grimey 's case.. both do have very busy concert schedules. Yes, they could probably afford financially to go, but the cost would be greater fitting in extra rehearsals, and lost income due to concerts that they would possibly have to cancel. I'd say a significant...
  12. davidquinlan

    Bones Apart want your questions!

    In a fight, who would win, Bones Apart, or Bella Tromba ? :) Joking of course.. have a good trip.
  13. davidquinlan

    English Nationals 2012

    No L&SC band either, should there be representatives from all areas?
  14. davidquinlan

    Silly question really

    Free buzz, as in without mouthpiece? I'd say largely irrelevant. How do the notes fit/slot if you just let the instrument sound the pitch rather than trying to play the "correct" not you have in your ear... i.e. don't try lip up / down just to see how far out the notes are on the instrument...
  15. davidquinlan

    Bob Sherunkle's L&SC Area 2012 (Championship Section)

    So, Bob, you didn't get in to hear Band No 1, just like 4BR, where they helping you with the plumbing?
  16. davidquinlan

    Robert Childs & Cory

    Ready, Steady, Conduct.....
  17. davidquinlan

    Paddy's Scottish Area - 2012

    I heard that too.... and of course in the spirit of good rumour spreading, passed it on....
  18. davidquinlan

    Free Concert Friday 16th March

    Hey Chris, you been working long hours?? :) Details on the website..
  19. davidquinlan

    SoundCloud Recordings - Areas Performances

    3 forced fumbles too.. doesn't say how many unforced... I passed on the message to our PC, but I believe he's busy working on the frequencies of his vibrato with a very expensive oscilloscope. I believe he's also had training in "advanced frowning at other players" in an attempt to deflect...
  20. davidquinlan

    SoundCloud Recordings - Areas Performances

    Ok, maybe not sneaky recordings, but I'm not sure they come with permission to publish/distribute on the internet, but that's another issue. :) That's kind of what I was getting at. I suppose though, each band in the subsequent areas can take on board what they hear / read and make decisions...