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  1. davidquinlan

    Regent Community Brass - Vacancies

    Regent Community Brass have vacancies for forthcoming Area Contest and beyond! Details on the Regent Brass website, or drop me a message here! Thanks!
  2. davidquinlan

    New Musical Directors Appointed at Regent Brass

    Regent Brass are delighted to announce that Paul Archibald will be Musical Director of Regent Brass and John Holland will be Musical Director of Regent Community Brass. For more information, visit Regent Brass Website.
  3. davidquinlan

    Regent Brass wins prestigious grants

    Regent Brass wins prestigious BBC Performing Arts Fund and PRS grants for composition and performance. Regent Brass to work with talented composer Raymond Yiu on his debut piece for brass band - Innovative composition will be inspired by Regent’s diverse local community - Debut...
  4. davidquinlan

    The Olympics - Musicians Union Press Release

    There is probably another thread relating to this, about bands being keen to play etc.. Here is a press release from the Musicians Union “We are talking to the London Olympics organising committee (LOCOG) about these reports as LOCOG has signed a Principles of Cooperation with the TUC...
  5. davidquinlan

    SoundCloud Recordings - Areas Performances

    Almost a soon as the doors had closed in the venues for both the North West and Yorkshire areas, various recordings of winning and other performances appeared on SoundCloud / Facebook etc. Apart from the legality of a) sneakily recording the contest performances and b) publishing them online...
  6. davidquinlan

    Bourgeois Concerto No 1

    Can anyone recommend a good recording? Thanks, David
  7. davidquinlan

    This is why you are fat... Enjoy.....
  8. davidquinlan

    Shock Horror!! French Horn used to advertise Brass Band Event!!!!!

    A picture of a "French Horn" is being used to advertise the Yeovil Contest on the Octagon website. This is deplorable... do they not know what they are doing...truly shocking.... I'm going to raise this with my local MP!!!!! They must have used the same marketing company as Morrisons...
  9. davidquinlan

    Sold/Expired Aveley & Newham Website

    has been updated...
  10. davidquinlan

    Born on the 4th July, Film Theme Music

    I believe there is an arrangement of the above for Solo Trumpet and Band by Andrew Duncan. Anyone know where this can be purchased from? Thanks..
  11. davidquinlan

    Sold/Expired For Musicians with Lips!!

    Check out ChopSaver They are running a special offer from another site at the moment.. Look here for details...
  12. davidquinlan

    Yeovil : 2005 Results

    Aveley have won! woohoo!! See results on 4br....
  13. davidquinlan

    More Music Education cutbacks!!

    Just heard this on BBC 5 Live... Link from the BBC Website.. Exeter University's governing body is meeting to decide whether to scrap its chemistry and music departments.
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    Have a tastee christmas.. enjoy...
  15. davidquinlan

    Poor 'miss out on music lessons'

    From BBC Website...
  16. davidquinlan

    Looks like someone has had a bad banding experience ....

    From ... British Brass Bands
  17. davidquinlan

    Fanfare for Europe - Gregson

    Does anyone know whether there is there a published BB arrangement of this as recorded on the Halle Brass play Gregson CD (DOYEN CD 038)? Thanks.
  18. davidquinlan

    Manx Music Festival

    Well done to all my old friends and colleagues in the Manx Youth Band who swept the board at the Manx Music festival this weekend! I’m sure whoever has taken over my job as webmaster will post a write-up soon… Check here for details :D
  19. davidquinlan

    National Youth Brass Band Concert

    Not sure how many members of the above band use this forum, but all I can say is I was very very impressed by the NYBGB concert on Friday at the RNCM. The quality of the playing from all players was top class!!! Pity there was so many empty seats in the auditorium!!! (I suppose the concert...