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    Returning to Group Playing, What’s your Band doing?

    I have no idea what make they are or where they came from; I wasn't aware there was more than one type ...
  2. GJG

    Returning to Group Playing, What’s your Band doing?

    I'm afraid I'd have to take issue with you on this. We've been using them since restarting full band rehearsals, and they are uniformly disliked by the membership. There is a noticeable reduction in volume of sound, and in the case of cornets and trombones a noticeable change in the timbre -...
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    Maybe it's a regional thing; in London, in my experience, one rarely sees buskers without contactless machines ...
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    We are lucky. We have our own premises, which are sufficiently spacious to allow us to seat a full band with adequate social distancing. A "Covid-secure" team have done a lot of work to set up a full risk assessment, and we are now in our third week of a return to full rehearsals. We're using...
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    I'm not convinced; in our town centre, even the old folk are getting used to paying for everything with contactless, and not carrying cash. There will still be cash donations, of course, but I do think that bands who attempt to do some form of socially distanced carolling this Christmas will...
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    besson b flat cornet international

    Price is a bit unrealistic; I got mine used from eBay, in better nick than this one, for £600 ...
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    british legion march

    Sent PM.
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    Are bagpipes musical instruments or weapons?

    I once heard a definition of a gentleman as being "someone who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn't" ...
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    Mute bumper strip / flock tape

    Problem is, to do it properly you'd need to find a material source that wasn't a straight-line strip, but more of a sheet. If you carefully remove the felt strip from a Wick mute and lay it flat, you'll find it's not a rectangle, but more of an arc, because the top of the mute is conical, not...
  10. GJG

    Mute bumper strip / flock tape

    Is there a particular reason you want to replace it? The first thing I do with a new Wick straight mute is remove the tape. To my ears the mute sounds better without it, and a little care when inserting/removing the mute will avoid the risk of scratches.
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    S.A. Regal Zonophone 78rpm - Stunning Restorations

    ISB = International Staff Band (of the Salvation Army)
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    The Zen of Playing Silence

    The one I remember most clearly was, "Brass bands don't swing; they dangle … "
  13. GJG

    Tuning the top space E

    I would normally play it on 1+2 with a little 1st valve trigger. This is standard practice on most 'C' trumpets in any case (particularly Bachs), and some D/Eb trumpets as well, although this varies by manufacturer. I rarely use open fingering for this note.
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    Petition re. Bands and Child Performance Licences

    The cynic in me suspects that somewhere down the line, some agency or other is making money from these licences, and, if so no amount of petitioning is going to result in any change ...
  15. GJG

    Harmonic series and triggers

    Possibly you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Obviously I can only guess, having no knowledge of your personal circumstance, but Renold Schilke was a great believer in being able to solve intonation problems by ensuring that the mouthpiece acts as the most effective interface between the player...
  16. GJG

    Harmonic series and triggers

    You may jest; I have in the past given serious consideration to having the 3rd valve slide shortened slightly on both my Schilke sop cornet and my Schilke C3L 'C' trumpet, precisely because they are naturally flat on 2/3 Ab's … Only fear of the unknown stopped me, in the end!
  17. GJG

    Harmonic series and triggers

    See, this is one bit I don't quite understand. On trumpets/cornets, at least (and I don't see why any non-compensating instrument should be different) you can't tune a 3rd vale to be in tune on 'A' - it's already too flat when full in, and the reason for this is deliberate, so that Ab on 2/3 is...
  18. GJG

    Harmonic series and triggers

    That seems to be the main objection to 4v baris, based on the conversations I've had with bari players. makes sense to me; very important not to lose the true, distinctive baritone sound from the blend.
  19. GJG

    Harmonic series and triggers

    Because the 6th harmonic is naturally sharp, and because 1+3 on a non-compensating instrument without triggers is also naturally sharp, then to play a 4th-line 'D' on 1+3 will theoretically result in the note being "doubly" sharp; if I elected to play that note on 1+3 I would normally expect to...
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    Mouthpiece cleaning

    The only thing is (and I freely admit this is based only on hearsay, and I have no evidence for this), you might want to investigate whether some kind of licence is needed for anything bigger than the small ones. I only say this because I know of someone who wanted to install a bigger size...