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  1. m.f.cooper

    'New Christmas Praise' vs 'Christmas Collection' - A comparison of carol books

    A few years ago the Sally Army released another set of carol books under the name "Christmas Collection" [CC]. Considering many bands out there still use the "New Christmas Praise" [NCP] red books, I wondered how these two books compare. I went through each of the versions for my part (Eb...
  2. m.f.cooper

    L&SC Regional Contest cancelled - What next?

    As many of you will no doubt be aware, the Regional Committee for the L&SC Region have made the decision to cancel next weekend's (21/22 March) contest. See announcement on their website homepage I anticipate that there are numerous reactions to this news, ranging from begrudging acceptance...
  3. m.f.cooper

    Whit Friday

    I assume that would be "And Now For Something Completely Different", a Monty Python themed scratch band with the majority of players based near York. And also me with my Wessex "Bubbie" Eb Tuba and a parrot on my shoulder. (Unless there was another Monty Python band out and about) That would...
  4. m.f.cooper

    New Moulded Cases (Eb Bass)

    Hello tMp I have a very old tuba (1920s Boosey & Co.) whose original case has completely collapsed into nothing-ness. I would love to find a way of getting a proper moulded hardcase, with wheels!! Does anyone know of a company or individual who does this kind of thing? Cheers!
  5. m.f.cooper

    Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

    Thanks! We definitely did. Now to start planning next years theme...
  6. m.f.cooper

    Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

    And sod it - My phone has auto-corrected 'Monty' to 'Month'. Damn! If a moderator ever sees this - A title change would be most appreciated!
  7. m.f.cooper

    Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

    So, after a personal absence of 6 or so years, I managed to finally get back to Whit Friday with 'And Now For Something Completely Different" - A scratch band with a Monty Python Music & Fancy Dress Theme. I had an awesome day, but was wondering if the Mouthpiece community could help me out...
  8. m.f.cooper

    Servicing & Repairs near SW London - Where?

    Hello tMP! It's been a while since I've posted on here, which, unfortunately, is closely linked to the length of time I haven't played my Eb Bass. As a result, it has suffered some neglect and needs some TLC. Does anyone know of anyone who does servicing and repair work near S.W. London for a...
  9. m.f.cooper

    L&SC Regional Championships - 2009

    Well, after the 4BR "kiss-of-death" we still managed to finish 4th. I think the audible "Aww" noise from the entire band at the result wasn't really appreciated in the auditorium... :-? But, it's always nice to be much further away from the relegation places ;-) Congrats everyone, and see you...
  10. m.f.cooper

    Eb Bass player looking for band - SW london area

    Thanks for that, but Tilbury is a hell of a long way to go for rehearsal from SW london, espcially playing Eb Bass without a car ;) As it happens, I've started playing with Fulham Brass Band. Thanks for all the suggestions, and I'll be sure to come to tMP first if I ever am changing location...
  11. m.f.cooper

    National Finals 2008 - 3rd Section Test Piece : Suite for Brass

    Hehe ;-) I'm not arguing about 5th place, Paul! Thanks Brian! It was a very intense week for everyone, but it did produce a great result for us. Trying to organise a bunch of students (and the odd graduate) rehearsing the week before term starts is a difficult task, so many thanks to our...
  12. m.f.cooper

    What's the oddest concert you've ever played?

    I played on outdoor gig in Norway with a youth (wind :-S) band, and it was raining so hard that we had to fit under the overhang of a nearby building. It didn't help that it was an L shape! Half the band going to the right of the conductor, half going backwards. I couldn't even see the Trumpets...
  13. m.f.cooper

    Which university for brass?

    I did loads of music at the University of Warwick, but didn't do a music degree. Mainly because there isn't one! There is an awesome music centre, with loads of ensembles, including the brass band [off to Harrogate this year, 3rd section finals :-D ] It's a great place to do a non-music degree...
  14. m.f.cooper

    Eb Bass player looking for band - SW london area

    Cheers Owen Also received one other response, but Northfleet is a hell of a long way from Wimbledon! ;-) Am really busy until the start/middle of August, and will respond to people then to see what their current Bass situation is. Cheers!
  15. m.f.cooper

    Eb Bass player looking for band - SW london area

    Hello tMP. I have just left the University of Warwick, and have moved back home. I was wondering if there were any bands in the SW london area who could do with a Eb Bass player? I have only ever played with the Uni of Warwick band, who are 3rd section. I doubt I'd be good enough for many...
  16. m.f.cooper

    National Finals 2008 - 3rd Section Test Piece : Suite for Brass

    So, Lynchie, what did you think after playing it through tonight? I enjoyed the Bass part. It doesn't seem as hard for us as I expected a finals piece to be. It may actually encourage me to sort my life out so I can join the band in Harrogate!
  17. m.f.cooper

    Who's out on Whit Friday?

    Our experience this year felt like there were less bands out. This was epitomised by arriving at Dobcross around 7:30pm to read the sign saying "0 Coaches Waiting"! Whilst expecting there to be loads, it meant we finished really early (for us), and got lots of time to listen to bands [drink ;-)]...
  18. m.f.cooper

    Who's out on Whit Friday?

    Look at for the University of Warwick (in their green Hoodies/T-Shirts) this year. We're playing a rather unusual road march. If you remember "Build Me Up Buttercup" from a few years back, then you should enjoy this year's more ;-)
  19. m.f.cooper

    West Midlands Association Contest 2008 (Leamington Spa)

    The bar at Leamington does seem to close rather early. You'll have to re-locate to the Wetherspoons nearby... ;-)
  20. m.f.cooper

    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    Well, the official grading tables are up for all sections... Who's up/down? Who's likely to move next year? Who knows?