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    Dobcross Silver - Saddleworth

    We are looking for a solo horn player to join our realistic push for 1st section. The band are committed and enjoy full rehearsals in the famous Dobcross Band Club. We have a sensible mix of contests, concerts and marching events and we enjoy a happy atmosphere within the band (no politics!). At...
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    Is there such a thing as a happy band?

    My son and I have recently left a band full of people who did not really get on with each other. I have now gone to another which, on the surface, seemed happy to find that they are all moaning about each other to the extent that a player has been asked to leave. Is there anyone out there who...
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    What's happened to the Navigation?

    Remember that great pub where banders were welcome, food was great value, service friendly and general atmosphere pleasant? It's all gone! I went for lunch there today to find most of the banding pictures removed and was met with the most ill-mannered dragon behind the bar that it has ever been...