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  1. daveredhead

    Orphan lonely sop player

    :)Sop player seeks a progressive friendly band, 1sec preferred, willing to travel reasonable distance, paid up for Butlins accom, registered at first sec
  2. daveredhead

    sop player available for Butlins 1st sec.

    I am now available for Butlins, and have already looked at test piece, also already booked my own accom :):) pm me or phone 07774653048
  3. daveredhead

    Brass duets

    Hi I am looking for a reasonably difficult trumpet duet, that we can play on two sops, so would prefer duet in top range with reasonable difficulty, if piano part is available then we could transpose the piano parts to suit sops . We are hoping to play at this years Summer School. To give an...
  4. daveredhead

    sop player

    Sop player available for 1st sec Butlins , chalet already booked, thermals packed email or phone3 0774653048:clap:
  5. daveredhead

    Sop PLayer available for Butlins

    Hi, got chalet booked:clap: thermals packed ;)sop poised:cool:, just need 1st sec band to play for. Please PM me if any body requires sop player
  6. daveredhead

    Sop player avaiable

    Hi all , Sop player available for Butlins 1st Sec. Already booked in for total weekend , Just need band :clap: Think Vitae cracking piece and would relish playing:biggrin::biggrin:
  7. daveredhead

    Sop player available

    Sop player available for Butlins 1st section 2014, willing to travel within 50miles of Banbury . I will be staying At Skegness all weekend :clap:
  8. daveredhead

    Sandy Smith

    Hi all, I need your help!!! does anyone have the email address of the renown Horn player Sandy Smith, if so could it please be forwarded by PM. I will understand if Mr Smith requires privacy, Thanks
  9. daveredhead

    Bands in Hervey Bay, Queensland Aus

    Hi to all our friends "Down under" I will be holidaying in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Aus, in June and July 2012 and was wondering if there were any Brass bands in the area, as i was thinking of taking my noise machine and hoping for a blow, Cheers and looking forward to some hopefully favourable...
  10. daveredhead

    Brass Band Summer school Framlingham

    Hi all, am now fully paid up for the Brass Band Summer School in Framlingham Suffolk, Aug 7th -13th 2011. Who else out there is going, I know Gill English is and Oliver So who else has signed up for another fabulous week:clap:
  11. daveredhead

    Bored Sop Player

    Bored Sop player willing to depp for anybody (in reasonable distance ) over "The Wedding Weekend" Fri evening to Mon evening:clap: Can only do so much gardening over a bank holiday :tup
  12. daveredhead

    Royal revue

    Hi all:)i have been asked to try and Locate a Sop part for the above mentioned Festival March, If anybody has news of where i can purchase a copy I would be delighted. looking forward to hearing from anyone with info Thanks:clap:
  13. daveredhead

    Clash of concerts

    Hi , maybe this is wrong place to post thread if so sorry, I have bought tickets for Boobs and Brass with Guests Brighouse and Rastrick on 28th November in Kettering Northants, i also note that Brass for Africa, All Star Brass Spectacular!!! is also in Kettering on same evening, Surely a bit of...
  14. daveredhead

    Bands at the lower section finals

    I have just changed bands, and am now heading for harrogate in two weeks time, can someone point me in a direction where i can find a list of bands taking part in finals esp 1st sec , many thanks and sorry if this is in wrong thread:clap:
  15. daveredhead

    Polka From Bartered Bride

    Hi Can anybody tell me how to get hold of "Polka " from bartered Bride, our euph player just asked cos she been looking for ages and wishes to purchase, so any assistance would be appreciated thanks:clap:
  16. daveredhead

    BBSS Bromsgrove 2009

    Hello al, tis me again the shy quiet one, just checking whos going to the world acclaimed summer school, I know Gill, Judith and Steve S and myself :tupare going(i know there is always a down side) hope it stops raining or we will be requiring, canoes to go shopping, in town. Looking forward to...
  17. daveredhead

    Holiday Banding

    Hi, My friend Julie is going to Burnham on Sea from Fri 10th April til Fri 17th April, (Again,And Again) and the bad news is she is taking her cornet!!! She would like to contact any local band who would let her sit in for a blow, She normally plays cornet (4th Woman down!!! )for Daventry...
  18. daveredhead

    Flugel Horn Trio

    Recently chatting in bar after concert,and there were 3 flugel players sat in band,(2 playing cornet ) and the subject of a Flugel horn trio that someone said they had heard at a contest, have tried to find info on this, but no luck, so is there any body out there who know anything about this...
  19. daveredhead

    Bands Near Brean Sands

    Hi a friend of mine is off to Brean Sands next week, and was wondering any band near there was having a practice, when and where, if she got the urge to get her cornet out of its box and want a blow,(or if the kids were driving her mad) either PM me or just reply to thread, am bound to start...
  20. daveredhead

    desperate to play at whit fri

    hello all, was going to play with tMP band but cancelled, then also was going to play with Manchester band , now inform me overbooked on cornets.So there is a sop player and front row cornet free to play at Whit Fri, any body interested please PM me soonest, have already booked into local hotel...