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    Exciting new BBC and Brass collaboration

    Loved the episode tonight. I wasn't sure some of the players or the band was shown in the best light in previous programs, but thought tonight was really heart-warming. :tup
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    Butlins - Draw and Results

    anyone closer to the full breakdown yet?
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    for those of you that remember me - what I have be up to (allotment thread)

    I am having a long term break from banding, which is giving me to spend some time at my allotment. This is what I have been doing for the last 2 years. Am missing banding only a tiny bit, miss the friends :biggrin: Hoping I will catch up some some...
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    What gets your blood boiling?

    Oh dear! no idea how I did this :rolleyes: Must have had a few too many mineral waters :eek:
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    a couple of whit friday questions...

    I am staying over at a hotel in Castleton. Anyone know how much a taxi from there into saddleworth would cost. It is between 7 and 10 miles depending on which village we decide to go to. Although I have been to the Whits a number of time I have always been playing and the villages tend to...
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    Taking a Leek!!

    I would put some compost/manure at the bottom of the hole. Keep them well watered or they will bolt (go to seed). Probably an idea to 'feed' them too. Any general purpose fertiliser will do (chicken manure is good if you want to be organic). Must ask though, you bought just 1 leek? Hope it...
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    Impressive! roller-blading and mozart
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    North West Regional Championships - 2009

    yeyyyyyyyyyyy well done Flixton :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: 2nd section results were: 1. Oldham Lees 2. Silk Brass 3. Flixton
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    North West Regional Championships - 2009

    Best of luck to Flixton in the 2nd section. Sorry I wasn't be there to cheer you all on :biggrin:
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    Pontins 2008

    I would like to say congratulations to Wire Brass. I thought their performance was excellent. I heard a few of the other performances that were played beneath you and I thought your performance was definately a good few points higher with more detail and very tight playing. Well done to Soverign...
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    3rd valve slide trigger springs for sovereign cornet

    Anyone know a link where I could buy these online?
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    Anyone do Out of Border images...?

    Not my attempt I must add, but Ant is into this sort of thing...
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    Fleetwood Contest - 12th October

    Flixton are there in the 2nd Section
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    Bb Bass - 4th section NW

    We (Flixton) have a BBb vacancy.
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    Good luck for anyone getting examination/course results today. This is the first year I will not be going into work on results day. Seems very strange. Am still nervous for our students even though I am not there!
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    70s/80s style clothing

    Half the stuff from the 80's seems to be back in fashion!
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    Good luck with your plot William! Get yourself on similar to here, but about allotments. I am the ultimate geek and proud!
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    Bridal Entrance Music....Any ideas?!

    Darrol Barry wrote a piece for Rachel Higginson's wedding that I played at. Think it was called 'jubilee' or something along those lines. It was a lovely piece of music. Not sure if this piece is published, but you could try PMing him.