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  1. yr_epa

    New work by Welsh composer Gareth Glyn

    The 100 years Celebration Concert of the Anglesey Eisteddfod is on Radio Cymru 8pm tonight. It will feature the new piece Dirion Dir and a few items by other artists. A superb new work! Worth a listen.
  2. yr_epa

    Bedtime Puzzle

    Friday was the horse's name?
  3. yr_epa

    Another teaching query

    How about going straight to a primary school (perhaps one where you attended) and ask if you can sit in with the age group of your choice for an afternoon and ask the teacher for some advice! A school should have these documents handy - or contact any primary teachers direct, enough brass...
  4. yr_epa


    Being so close to Dublin here in North Wales, we do venture a lot to Dublin for the day! A super pub you must visit is McDaids which is just off Grafton Street, one of the nicest pints of Guinness in the city (in my opinion!). Another good one with a lot of traditional Irish music would be...
  5. yr_epa

    Steven Gerrard

    Have a look at this.... name of the clip is "no thanks stevie".... Quite funny!
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    Actual date for the Action Research Youth...

    Yo, Having been in band tonight I noticed that the date on the official forms for the 2006 Action Research Youth Championships is the 19th of Feb, but, 4BR & BBW seem to think its on the 12th of Feb. I also checked the IBEW, and that also said the 12th of Feb. Can anyone clarify when the...
  7. yr_epa

    Does anyone know...

    According to, Tameside - 2nd April Buxton - 30th April JJB - 4th June Not a clue about prize money!
  8. yr_epa

    YBS mouthpieces

    Dewi Griffiths who plays 2nd man for YBS is on here (username Griffis). Give him a PM if you want some details.
  9. yr_epa

    Are you being good???

    Good idea! Could do with one of those and a Media Center (or one of the Sky+ boxes!)
  10. yr_epa

    Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold????

    Will he walk away with the World Footballer of the Year again? Not suprised that he won European Footballer of the Year......!! I've seen a video of Zidane trying to hit the crossbar from the penalty spot.... hits it first time......and second time....... third time misses (from about 12...
  11. yr_epa

    Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold???? Have a look at this!! Is this pure quality or what???
  12. yr_epa

    Burry Port Band in trouble with the local council

    This happened to my last band Harlech. We were using an old Chapel at the time and a complaint was made by a person who spent his summer holidays (he moved to somewhere over the Winter) living in the house very close by. Enviromental Health came with their microphone type thing to record...
  13. yr_epa


    I remember doing the armisitice parade in my home town back in '98 maybe. 2 cornets playing the Last Post. First few bars go ok, then all of a sudden one of the cornets faints and lands somehow on a grass verge, not one mark on the cornet or him! It was amazing nothing happened. Apparently...
  14. yr_epa

    'Official' British Open 2005 discussion

    Thanks for that. Looking forward to Blackpool already! Back to the Open, well done to all bands. Wonder if any band attempted pedal notes?! Congrats to all placed bands and those who played well but weren't placed.
  15. yr_epa

    'Official' British Open 2005 discussion

    What are the choices for the Spring Festival?
  16. yr_epa

    A must for every English cricket fan.....

    ...must be some kind of a private joke??.....
  17. yr_epa

    Rest of the internet topic??

    Just wondering if someone finds anything on the internet, a funny clip a good picture or any stories....where should we post them?? I know that another forum has opened a topic called "Rest of the interweb"... Hope this doesnt sound too daft!
  18. yr_epa

    A must for every English cricket fan.....

    Just came across this on another forum....... Its a montage of England vs. Australia 2nd Ashes Test 2005 All work done by a member on It is quality!!
  19. yr_epa

    September Caption Competition

    "Which one of these has the water in it?"