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  1. strongbow

    Solo Cornet required - Glossop Old Band

    Glossop Old Band is currently graded as a Championship section band but are a non-contesting band due to shortage of players. We currently have 14 brass players and 3 percussionists which form a well balanced group ;) and perform regularly in the Bandroom and other venues in the local area...
  2. strongbow

    Solo cornet needed for 10th December

    Glossop Old Band require a solo cornet player for an evening concert in Timperley Saturday 10th December at 7.30pm. If anyone can help please email or call 07887 997374 Cheers Janet
  3. strongbow

    Calling all former players with Glossop Old Band

    Have you ever been a playing member of Glossop Old Band? Are you free and available on Sunday 18th December? Then this message is for you. GLOSSOP OLD BAND have secured the services for their Christmas Concert this year at their bandroom in Wood Street, of a conductor who is undoubtedly among...
  4. strongbow

    Concert available 31st July 2011 - Manchester

    We did a concert in Phillips Park today and they have asked if we could do a concert on 31st July in the Park. Unfortunately Glossop will have finished for the summer break and won't be able to do it. It is for a Party in the Park 1-4pm and the they want a band to do 2 x 45 minutes spots...
  5. strongbow

    Eb and Bb Bass needed for Whit Friday

    Glossop Old Band require Eb and Bb bass players for Whit Friday and if anyone can help please email me on Cheers
  6. strongbow

    Urgent - Sunday 15th May cornets needed

    Front row and backrow cornet players are urgently required for a concert in Phillips Park, Manchester 2-4pm on Sunday 15th May If you can help out please email me on
  7. strongbow

    Fancy a blow over the summer? ...

    ... if so Glossop Band will be opening the bandroom doors at 8pm for 8.15 start every Tuesday throughout the summer. Anyone wishing to keep their lip in is welcome to come for a blow and rehearsals will be very informal and if you are first there you get to choose the music! Cheers Janet...
  8. strongbow

    Around the world in 80 minutes - Glossop Bandroom 17th July

    Glossop Old Band will be performing a concert of music from around the world on Saturday 17th July 2010 in Glossop Bandroom. Aptly entitled "Around the World in 80 minutes" the concert will feature many of the bands fantastic soloists and will be the debut for Tim Dines on Solo Euphonium. It...
  9. strongbow

    Anyone for drinks after Whit Friday?

    Glossop Band will be opening the bar on Whit Friday night from 10.30pm. We'd welcome any thirsty bandsmen (and women and children!) wishing to pop in for a drink on their way home from a hetic evening. The address is The Bandroom, Derby Street, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 9NF and please see our...
  10. strongbow

    Web site design, hosting etc

    Glossop Old Band need to revamp their web pages and we need someone to help us with it. Ideally we would like someone to completely redesign the site, host the site and allow multiple users to add content via the web without having to have specialist software to update the site. If anyone...
  11. strongbow

    Burns Night, 31/1/10, Glossop Bandroom

    Sunday 31st January 2010 - doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start An evening of traditional Scottish music played by the Glossop Old Band. Supper will be served during the interval. Tickets are £5 and free entry for under 16's
  12. strongbow

    Reliable roofer/builder needed - Glossop

    Helllllppppp! Glossop Bandroom has developed a leak in the roof. The problem is that we have an extension joining the main building and where they join water is pooring in! I haven't seen what is needed but apparently it isn't as simple as just doing the guttering. If anyone can help send...
  13. strongbow

    Advice needed for hosting a web site

    It seems that the service provider that hosts Glossop's web site has gone and I haven't been able to contact the guy who previously looked after the web site. Could anyone offer advice as to where I can go to host a site and how much it is likely to cost. Also any advice on what I have to...
  14. strongbow

    UK Driving Licences and expiry date

    This was sent to me at work today and I have to admit, I thought my licence didn't need renewing every 10 years. :mad: Unwitting motorists face £1,000 fines as thousands of photo card driving licences expire. Thousands of motorists are at risk of being fined up to £1,000 because they are...
  15. strongbow

    Warning! work related enquiry Re: Travel Policies

    Hi People Sorry to put a work related posting on here but I have been asked to review our travel policy and how we buy travel. We are a large UK University and have a sizeable spend (c£13m p.a.), 10,000 employees and over 30,000 students many of whom travel the world to conferences etc. I...
  16. strongbow

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band

    Carlton Main have the following 2 items of news Congratulations Andy ! CMFCB would like to offer their congratulations to Andy Dickinson on his appointment to the ISB. Andy joined CMFCB November 06, previous to this he had not played in a contesting Band however his performance on both the...
  17. strongbow

    Sold/Expired Carlton Main want to buy...

    „ Two BBb Basses „ One new large bore Euphonium (no main trigger) or „ Two reconditioned large bore Euphoniums We have two Besson 994 BBb basses to part exchange (with cases) Please email me with a quote and detail when the instruments will be available (needed as soon as possible of...
  18. strongbow

    Help needed with contesting a planning application

    I live in a really nice place just off the Woodhead Pass near Tintwistle which, up until recently, has had nice views and lots of greenery. The council, in its wisdom, has allowed the building of high rise industrial units which have ruined the area. They are now considering planning...
  19. strongbow

    Kevin Bolton

    Does anyone have a contact number for Kevin Bolton? Thanks
  20. strongbow

    Congratulations to KMJ Recordings ...

    ... on the birth of Charlotte Alexandra Johnson born 12th March at 11.15am weighing in at 9lb 6 1.2 oz.:clap: All the very best to you and Paula and glad your extension is finally finished:)