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  1. Blagger

    Dimensions Peter Graham

    As a test piece where would you place this? 4th section? Bottom 3rd? Just asking ☺
  2. Blagger

    Replacement Silent Brass Cable help

    Hi I need to replace the cable on my Silent Brass system To me it looks like a standard 3.5 - 3.5" jack lead with a single ring on each connector My question is - do I need to buy the original at around £25?? Or would a visit to my local Maplins do the trick ? Any advice greatly appreciated
  3. Blagger

    Contest nerves

    OK so I left the Ballroom today with the usual feeling of "why did I feel like that playing such an easy piece?" To clarify - I have played, in the past Solo euph for decent top section bands with challenging cadenzas etc ( admittedly quite a few years ago) with a fair degree of success and...
  4. Blagger

    In search of oom paah

    :oops: is that how it's spelt?? Am looking for some music for small brass group (6 to 8 ) to play for my local beer festival in May. Any ideas? I cant find much in the way of pdfs etc. Any help gratefully appreciated :)
  5. Blagger

    York Euphonium - daft question

    Had my new euph for a week or so now - but have one (probably being thick here) question - What is the extra rounded metal "paddle" for that's popped into the accessory compartment ? Am thinking its a guard for when you remove the plastic trigger shield ?? :confused: Never thought to ask...
  6. Blagger

    Wireless network question

    Ok - one for all you tec geeks out there - I'm looking for the best way to stream video at home on a wireless network. currently when i try using my current setup ( dell laptop with wlan 1450 card, wireless router - both "g" rated ? ) it buffers far too often. 54mps What all this about "g...
  7. Blagger

    National Finals Test Pieces ??

    Anybody got any ideas/rumours yet?:) We have got promoted already - regardless of result but would like something semi-decent for the fourth section finals
  8. Blagger

    Mark Condron

    Taken from 4br : The death of the conductor Mark Condron has been announced. He was 47. Mark Condron was a former player and conductor of the Kennedy Swinton Band and was an extremely motivated, talented and inspirational man who was loved and respected by many many people. He was also...
  9. Blagger

    carnival cocktail euphonium wanted!

    Can anybody tell me where I can buy Carnival cocktail (euph with band) arr. Steven Sykes ONLINE? Fancy having a go for xmas concert:sup
  10. Blagger

    Who's the best dep you've sat next to?

    Who's the best player who has helped your band out? Mine : John Clough ( ex dyke solo euph ) when I was at Stalybridge - nervous?? never :-) Brendan Wheeler - solo euph at Leyland - helped out this summer - so no pressure playing Napoli out for the first time then ....:-)
  11. Blagger

    Triple tonguing probs

    Ok - not the end of the world I know BUT- I have the slowest single tonguing speed known to man (probably) I can double and triple tongue well - but - I get to a certain speed and I hit a brick wall. This is fine for most band pieces but prohibits lots of pieces that would otherwise be...
  12. Blagger

    vacancies at lostock hall

    Lostock Hall Band need Bari/Trom/Bass Players Edit: For current vacancies and contact details see most recent posts We are a local 3rd section band near Preston , Lancs. The following positions are available at the mo - please pm me if interested. Players always welcome - we rehearse on...
  13. Blagger


    Thought that it might be a good idea to start people on their ideal band chosen from players from 3rd and 4th section bands. These players tend to be less well known of course -BUT deserve recognition :) RULES......... :?: :?: Players from NW Area only Players from 3rd and 4th (national)...
  14. Blagger

    Best and Worst Moments on a Contest Stage

    Thought I'd just get people started on their moments of glory :D and moments of shame :oops: Here's mine to get things started : Best - Playing a blinder on Carnival Romain ( Solo Euph ) in the Grand Shield 1990 ( I think) with Stalybridge Worst - Cross Patonce with Bae Manchester...
  15. Blagger

    Silver Plating vs Laquer

    Ahh this old chestnut :shock: Will be purchasing a new Euph quite soon and was wondering about peoples opinions on the pros and cons of the two finishes. I've always had a laquered euph. Is the sound difference all in the mind :?: Am I always going to sound as dark and smooth as I do...