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    Mr. & Mrs. 2nd man Down!!!

    Congratulations Crawf and Debs, may you have many happy years together. I take it the band will be performing at special rates for you and that the special day will be carefully planned around the bands busy calendar! Liz xxx PS who asked who?!
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    Horn & Bass Bone - Warwickshire

    Myself and Bassboneshep have recently moved to Bidford-on-Avon in Warwickshire and are looking for a band, preferably contesting, to play with. I play second horn (although I could just about manage 1st horn) and as his name suggests Bassboneshep plays Bass Tombone. Are there any bands out...
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    Official tMP Yorkshire Regional 2007 thread

    Would just like to wish The Emley the best of luck for Saturday. Will have everything crossed for you!! Liz
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    Mobile Hairdressers

    Help, I'm getting desperate! I am looking for a mobile hairdresser who works in the Leeds/Bradford area and don't know where to look. I've the yellow pages but how doe I know if they are any good? I've asked all my friends and none of them use a mobile hairdresser. Does anyone on here...
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    Insurance For Your Pets

    Our 2 cats are insured with Tesco. When the renewal came through in March it had gone up quite a bit and I thought about cancelling it. Fortunately I decided to keep the insurance. This summer one of the cats had to have loads of blood tests and a thyroidectomy that would have cost over...
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    Robbie Williams

    I'm off to Roundhay Park in less than 2 hours time! I'm getting really excited now as I've been waiting since last November!
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    Happy Birthday Freddie

    If he had still been alive the great Freddie would have been 60 toda! So Happy 60th Birthday Freddie. xxx
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    Poor playing times for concert! Not a good advert!

    I was playing for Yeadon Band when they did the inaugural performance on the band stand. The band arrived but no chairs did, luckily some of us lived locally and had to go home and gte our dining room chairs and deck chairs. It was a right farce. We put the percussionist on the band...
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    Thank You St Dennis

    Myself and Bassboneshep have just returned from a fantastic 2 week camping holiday in Cornwall. The campsite we stayed at had free entertainment most evenings including concerts by St Dennis Brass Band every Monday. I would just like to say thank you to any members of the band that...
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    Walking Out Jackets

    At last nights AGM Emley Band voted unanomously to purchase a set of walking out jackets and ties. I have received a veru competitive quote from a company called Leisurewear Direct based in Buxton. Has anyone had any dealings with them in the past, are their jackets good quality? Thanks...
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    Contest Creche!

    At Emley we are fortunate to have a lovely secretary and her daughter who regularly look after the 2 youngest supporters of the band, Issy and Annabelle. Margaret goes to most of the contests and doesn't seem to mind standing outside the door whilst pushing the pushchair. She also babysits...
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    Does your pet SNORE?

    Our cat Gemma snores and always has. its a right pain when you wake in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep because of her!
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    Any suggestions for a good instrument insurance company?

    We've just changed the band'd insurance from Allianz Cornhill to BBIS. Quotes from both were virtually the same but we changed as we decided to have public liability insurance that AC don't do. BBIS were excellent and processed the forms by return - highly recommended.
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    anybody NOT going to the Whits??

    I'll be at home looking after my gorgeous 7 week old daughter. I wish I could be going but it just ain't possible this year. Maybe next year I'll be able to go if I can persuade Bassboneshep stay at home!
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    It's exactly 6 months...........

    Well done. After two and a half years I still get the odd craving every now and then. Keep up the good work.
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    Band Subs

    As treasurer at Emley the income from subs is vital. We are lucky to own our bandroom and the subs go towards the general running of the band and the bandroom. By the time you add up water, council tax, gas, electricity, instrument and buildings insurance the monthly expenditure is quite...
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    Inducing Labour

    Just to let you all know that our little bundle of joy called Isabelle was born at 12.59pm on Friday 1st April. (No jokes about April Fools please as she was born after midday!) We are all doing fine and she is developing a good set of brass players lungs! Liz
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    It just has to be Sean for me with Pierce coming a very close second. He was such a dish back then but some of his outfits leave a lot to be desired especially the blue all in one swimsuit he wore in Goldfinger!
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    banged my head on a giant willy

    I remember going to the sex museum when I was 16. I was on a PGL barge holiday sailing around Holland. When we stopped in Amsterdam I remember me a couple of friends being dared to go into the sex museum, so we did! I have a vague recollection of various extreemly interesting pictures and...