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  1. skweeky

    Internet trolls

    Why is there so much anonymity on here? I'm being trolled by anonymous members when offering to dep for bands and its clear who I am. Surely there's no need for it....
  2. skweeky

    Players required!

    Interested in a 30 year career as a FULL TIME MUSICIAN? No more waiting by the phone for gigs. Earn a salary for a job you'll love! We need brass band musicians to fill vacancies in our soon-to-be formed brass bands in Preston, St Athan and Cosford. Follow us on twitter @KingsDivBand for more...
  3. skweeky

    Sold/Expired Anyone like tattoos? Facebookers, get a look at this page and give it a like. Musical tattoos, no problem (there's the music reference) ;-)
  4. skweeky

    Sold/Expired Paving and Groundworks (CMD)

    For all you Facebook users, please take a minute to like the family business CMD paving and Groundworks. It costs nothing to like the page. Will be so gratefully appreciated
  5. skweeky

    Funny music videos I want to see some videos along this vein. Please share your musical funnies!
  6. skweeky

    Whit Friday - Sop available

    Hi everyone, my band isn't doing whit friday this year... I'd hate to miss it :-)
  7. skweeky

    North Yorkshire Open Day

    The Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band are holding an open day on the 10th October at their brilliant, purpose-built practise facility in Catterick Garrison. The Open Day is open to all musicians, although a competent standard to tackle modern repetoir is advised. This is a great opportunity for...
  8. skweeky

    Sold/Expired Quintissimo!

    Brass Quintet: Ideal for wedding receptions, dinner functions, light entertainment, etc.... Open for bookings around the Richmond, North Yorkshire area. Please PM me or contact me on 07984 177 691.
  9. skweeky

    Flugel horn solo - alfie!

    Can anyone tell me who published (or is selling) the solo arrangement for Flug and brass band to Bacharach and David's 'Alfie!'? I have had a quick scout on the net with no luck... Any help would be greatfully appreciated.
  10. skweeky

    Sibelius Playback Devices HELP!!

    I Have been hugely disappointed with the default sounds that sib5 has supplied :confused:. The brass band playback sounds like a musical train crash! :eek: Flugel? Euph? :-? Anyway.... To the point... Can anyone suggest a top quality sound set to replace garritan and GM?? I know I will pay...
  11. skweeky

    Sop, North yorkshire

    Hello! Offering my services as I am currently out of a band due to commitment reasons. Experienced in all sections and willing to play cornet aswel, any stand :-) Currently unregistered (i think!!) so for contests i can't see any problems. Contact me on 07984177691 or email...
  12. skweeky

    Cornet, North East (near richmond), Willing to travel

    Hello! I am new to the area and want to get a feel for the North East brass band world. I have just moved from Blackpool where I played with Blackpool Brass. I have a flexible work schedule but I am willing to help bands out, preferably Champ, 1st or even 2nd sec. I normally play front row...
  13. skweeky

    Calling All People From Richmond/darlington/catterick Areas!!!

    Hi everybody! I have just move to Catterick through work and the accomodation I am living in now is both boring and extremely basic. What I am getting at is... does anybody have a flat to rent? Or even a roommate wanted? It is not desperate but something i need to start looking at! My max...
  14. skweeky

    Cornet player seeks band near Catterick NE

    Hi guys. Im 18 and im in the army as a musician and have been posted to Catterick to play with the HC&C band. I am desperate to find a friendly brass band (preferably above 2nd section) to play with. I used to play for blackpool brass moving through 3rd, 2nd and into the 1st section...
  15. skweeky

    Cornet Player, London, Heathrow area

    If you need a cornet player for a job or contest in or around heathrow area, i will play on any position (currently registered with blackpool, 1st section, solo cornet). Please PM me.
  16. skweeky

    Greetings From Alston Hall

    I don't know if any of you have ever experienced a weekend with Lancashire youth brass-band at Alston Hall? but im here on the course at the moment and just saying hello :D
  17. skweeky

    Unusual Duet?

    are there any duets for sop and euph? in a slow melody style if possible? ive been looking around for a while and havent come across anything yet?
  18. skweeky


    blackpool brass require a Euphonium player. We are a 2nd section band in the N/West. If you are intrested, please visit for contact details.
  19. skweeky

    Another banders story!

    for those people who don't know how this works, simply add a sentence or a few words to the post to continue the banders story ;) Here Goes: One day...
  20. skweeky

    Yet Another Pontins Thread ;-)

    A number of people are wondering what music will be on the program for tMP concerts.... any 'deffinites' that we will be playing?