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    Sold/Expired Majestic Marimba

    marimba for sale. Great condition, home use only. Based in Glasgow 41/3 octave padouk bars. £1750.00
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    BUCKHAVEN and METHIL band, Fife

    Require trombone player either tenor or bass, due to job relocation . Scottish third section band with own band hall and instruments. Please get in touch if interested. Many thanks Dave Neil.
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    Astair, by Peter Skellern

    hi, hope this ok to post here. I am looking to see if anyone has a CD of the above that they might loan me for a short time. I'm trying to put something together for an ealderly relative and cannot get a hold of this in cd format without paying a fortune. I will gladly pay postage and packing...
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    If I can dream

    does anyone know if there is a band arrangement of the above as featured on the newest Elvis CD Many thanks Dave
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    Sold/Expired Second Hand Marimba

    looking to find a used marimba. Anyone any ideas please. Thanks Dave
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    Christmas Extravaganza SAT 17th Dec

    A brand new venture between the young TAKE3 threatre group and the Buckhaven and Methil Band Saturday 17th December 7pm Queen Anne High School Dunfermline A mix of Christmas song, dance and music with a mini panto, and lots more Please come along and have a lovely nights entertainment.
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    Richard Rodney Bennet : The Flowers Of the Forest

    Superb - many thanks for this. What great service :)
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    Richard Rodney Bennet : The Flowers Of the Forest

    Hello All Anyone heard/played/got this can advise on what it is like. What sort of standard is required and does anyone know of any sound clips to download. Many thanks
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    Junior Band Conductor

    Buckhaven Brass Beginnings - Buckhaven, Fife require a new conductor to rehearse these young people from absolute beginner through to more advanced. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings. Please get in touch if interested. Dave
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    Sold/Expired Prestige tenor horn for sale

    Sorry, sold a while back. Dave
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    Army Musicians to wear earplugs -this is unbelievable!

    And here is another possibility under the control of noise and vibration at work regulations - would or should a percussion player be subject an assessment under this for possible hand arm vibration syndrome ???????????????????
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    Army Musicians to wear earplugs -this is unbelievable!

    The HSE sets limits as to how much noise a person should be exposed to in an average 8 hour working day. It used to be 85 and 90 dB limits but has now been reduced slightly. These limits are there to say that if you are exposed to this level OVER AN 8 HOUR PERIOD you run significant risk of...
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    Repiano part - Malvern Suite

    Hi, Does anyone have a repiano part of Malvern Suite that I could borrow please. Please send me a message and we can sort out how to get it here . Many thanks Dave
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    4th valves

    Hi All I used to have a bit of paper with every conceivable permutation and alternate fingering using the 4th valve. Does anyone have one they could email me please. Dave
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    Sold/Expired How about some free music?

    Hello tried to send you a message but your inbox is full. Let me know when you have cleared some space :) Thanks Dave
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    Sold/Expired Prestige tenor horn for sale

    This is a mint condition horn and includes case etc. the price is O.N.O and will include shipping to your home address via TNT.
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    Sold/Expired Prestige tenor horn for sale

    Besson Prestige tenor horn. Less than 1 year old. Silver plate with trigger. Genuine reason for sale. £1900.00 PM me if iterested.
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    Dunfermline Town Band required Soprano Cornet

    SOP/CORNET to fight Dragon Dunfermline require a soprano/cornet for area contest in March. Scottish 2nd section and a great piece to challange you. Please PM me for more details Many thanks
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    2009 British Open

    And therein lies the root of this whole debate which CANNOT be solved because one man or more will "like" something better than another. Unless ever musical instruction on a score is to be followed exactly you cannot take away the interpretation aspect and someone will always like it that bit...
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    2009 British Open

    Why do we contest at all - to pit ourselves against others to see who is best. BECAUSE WE WANT TO How do we determine who is best - we have a judge or judges Do we always agree with them - NO Does anyone always agree with them - NO Will we ever agree with them - only when we win !?! You...