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    Sold/Expired Urgently Wanted EEb Tuba for one month loan

    If anyone has a eeb tuba i could borrow to fulfill outstanding engagements for a month due to a disaster involving baggage handlers and current instrument, i would be most grateful.
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    The Acrobat ....A recording please

    a student friend of mine has asked me for a recording of badna nd Trom of the acrobat, does anyone know of where i could get such a thing, she is due to play the piece but has never heard it with band. Any help out there....... :shock:
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    All England Masters....A European Qualification place

    recent article suggested that a qualifaction place for the English representatives at the Europeans should be from the all England Masters Champs. A fair point which does have some merit especially as we Scots have our Scottish Championship, which also run as a regional contest for the National...