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  1. Deltabrass

    Trombone solos with band

    Have just looked at the back of the Essential Dyke Volume 9 and Fantastic Polka is listed as manuscript, arr. Wilkinson. Also, for my two pennys worth, Blessed Assurance is a belting peice, as too is the Geldard arrangement of Londonderry Air. Actually, now I mention it, ALL of Bill...
  2. Deltabrass

    Recent concert programmes

    Delta Brass Cheshire (brass ensemble) played the following programme last Friday in Wistaston Church Hall near Crewe. Prelude to te Deum (Charpentier arr. Lanning) Liberty Bell March (Sousa arr. Kingston) Misty (arr. Fernie) Cornet Soloist Tom Hancock As The Deer (Nystrom arr Wright) Dear Lord...
  3. Deltabrass

    Brass Quintet Openers

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a brass quintet opener in real big band style. I love Sparkling Diamonds by Sandy Smith, but that hasn't been reduced to quintet. Does anyone know of any similar items for quintet?
  4. Deltabrass

    Best insults to players from conductors

    More confusing put down than anything but in Pines of Rome I got the following from the Conductor: 'Are you using wrong fingers son?' I play trombone... Also, on a tight concert stage the solo trom player didn't have enough room for his slide and ended up pointing at the audience (and then...
  5. Deltabrass

    Ultmate CD

    Ah right...might as well close this thread down and I'll go and have a nosey at that one! Sorry.
  6. Deltabrass

    Ultmate CD

    Not sure if this thread has been done or not, but if you were able to pick a CD programme to record, what would you choose?
  7. Deltabrass

    Who has a quintet as part of their band and why?

    I play in a brass quintet that is made up of past and present members of a youth band. People in the group are aged 24-16 but we, as MoominDave said, are not in any way connected to the youth band. It all started as I was (and still am, by choice it has to be said) brass bandless but still...
  8. Deltabrass

    Brass quintet music

    I was wondering if anyone can help me please? I play in a brass quintet and we have lots of traditional chamber music and the like in our repertoire. We're looking to expand our range of pieces with some big band style items and more modern music. Does anyone know a good place to find this? (I...
  9. Deltabrass

    What was your first solo?

    Panis Angelicus on Tenor Trom. Wandrin' Star on Bass Trom. And vocally, Any Dream Will Do as a 10 year old, which I only did because I thought singers got the best girlfriends!
  10. Deltabrass

    What car do you drive??

    What do I drive? Apart from my neighbours mad with my incessant tooting on my trom? A corsa design. Christened 'ultra' as it's 'ultra blue' - with optional sound effects provided by the driver when going around corners.
  11. Deltabrass

    Trombone Solo "Blue John"

    I love that solo! It's up there with Blessed Assurance for me! I rehearsed it with a band a few times and it's great fun. I was lucky enough to acoompany Jon Pippen playing it as well a couple of years back. No real tips for you sorry, but enjoy it 'cos it's a cracker and will go down really well!
  12. Deltabrass

    Delta Brass In Concert, February 1st 2008

    Delta Brass Cheshire, present their annual concert at All Saints Church Weston, near Crewe on Friday 1st February 2008. The concert starts at 7.30pm and refreshments are available during the interval. This years concert includes special guests, the All Saints Church Choir and the Weston Village...
  13. Deltabrass

    Annoying moments

    "Also bass trombonists who think that they are soloists!" You mean they aren't soloists? :eek: I knew I'd been going wrong somewhere!;) This didn't overly annoy me, but when I was in a band, if you were 5/10 minutes late due to work (despite letting the MD know you'd be late) you subjected...
  14. Deltabrass

    How are your team doing?

    Crewe Alex...just about pipping the Vale in the race to be the highest local team in League 1, but 20th place isn't much to write home about. With the pre season signings we made I had high hopes, but they have been swiftly dashed. Who is running the team? Dario or Steve Holland? The fans...
  15. Deltabrass

    Favourite Flugel Horn Solo's?

    Ave Maria (Caccini arr. Wyss). An immense recording of it is on Festive Impressions by YBS.
  16. Deltabrass

    Delta Brass Cheshire In Concert, Friday 18th May

    Delta Brass Cheshire, a brass quintet formed in 2006, shall be performing their first ever evening concert at All Saints Church Weston, near Crewe on Friday 18th May 2007. The concert starts at 7.30pm and refreshments are available during the interval. Tickets are priced at £5 (£4...
  17. Deltabrass

    United 2000 Brass and John Pippen

    Excellent concert, top band, top soloist! Thanks for asking me to dep, I really enjoyed myself...and found out I need to practise a bit more having heard Jon Pippen play!!
  18. Deltabrass

    Trombone Feature pieces

    Has no one mentioned the classic 'Dem Bones' yet? Arranged by Gordon Langford I think?? (but don't quote me on it...)
  19. Deltabrass

    What type of youth band did you play with?

    School wind band (Shavington High) and then the Lions Youth Brass, a 3 band organisation, beginner (which I now conduct), Junior and Youth band.
  20. Deltabrass

    Least Favourite piece?

    Instant concert by Harold Walters... and the worst thing is I've played it in various bands for 5 years straight!!!