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  1. groovy

    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass, Scotland

    KKB (1st section) require a new solo euphonium player. Next contest Scottish Championships 27th February. Please pm/email
  2. groovy

    Bands in North West this weekend

    Hi everyone, I'm in Blackpool on a work placement at the moment, and have absolutely nothing to do this weekend! Are there any concerts/gala days going on this weekend locally so I could get my brass band fix? Ta
  3. groovy

    Donegal Bay

    Hi, I'm trying to find a solo copy of Donegal Bay by Paul Lovatt Cooper with piano far all I can find is the full band score. Anyone know where I can order it online? Cheers m'dears
  4. groovy

    Buying a Horn - advice

    Hi everyone My parents are looking to buy my younger sister a tenor horn (she's 12). They are not looking for a learner instrument because its to be a long term investment and hopefully to last her a good few years. She is still quite inexperienced so they're not looking for anything top of...
  5. groovy

    First experience of Whits!

    I'm very excited!! Travelling down south next week for my first ever Whit Friday, a friend of a friend has managed to get my brother and I a couple of bands to guest with, after reading so much about it on tMP I have always wanted to go. Next year I will try and sign up for tMP band but I was...
  6. groovy

    Tax help!!!

    Hey everyone, I am confused and need help!! I have just started a new job and have been taxed for my first couple of months working there. I am able to claim it back but I don't know how...My employers have given me a P60 but what do I do with it? Do I have to phone somewhere? Also the P60 is...
  7. groovy

    Rehearsing Areas piece

    Are you enjoying your testpiece? I think the Wayfarer is ace.
  8. groovy

    Lead pipe advice

    I am thinking about the possibility of getting the lead pipe on my euph adjusted, so that the mouthpiece is about half an inch - an inch left of where it is now, because at the moment i find when playing my hand is getting cramped from the angle I have to hold the instrument, especially if I'm...
  9. groovy

    Fife Charities contest

    Anyone know the results? My band played but we weren't able to stay to hear how we got on!!!!!
  10. groovy

    Besson Scottish Solo & Ensemble Championships 2006

    I would like to enter this with my quartet and maybe as a soloist too, but don't know much about it! Where and when can I qualify and how can i find out more info and entry stuff? I couldn't find a website. Ta guys
  11. groovy

    Does anyone else think

    Does anyone else think that the song on the Magners TV advert sounds like a bit of "Feel Good Inc" by Gorillaz? Or am I hearing things? While I'm on the subject, does anyone else think that eggy bread with sugar is delicious?
  12. groovy

    Greetings from Groovy

    Hello and thanks for looking on my intro! I will try not to make it too boring. My name is Katy, I am 15 and I live in Auchterarder in sunny Scotland! I play euph, trombone and bass trombone, though I started on trumpet 6 and a bit years ago. After a couple of years of that and flugel I was...
  13. groovy


    This is the first year I have applied for NYBBS and got my letter about the course today! I'm very excited now in a Vickitorious kind of way! :bounce :bounce :bounce Are any other tMPers going?
  14. groovy

    G8 - what do you think?

    This issue is far too close to home for me, as I live in Auchterarder, where Gleneagles is. I have ranted about the G8 all over the place (hopefully my article is going to be published on BBC online shortly) but wanted to know what you tMPers thought about it all. IMO it is a chance for 2005 to...
  15. groovy

    Brass Teacher wanted - central Scotland

    I'm looking for a euphonium teacher who does private lessons in the Central Scotland area - i.e Stirling, Perth etc. I am already with a band but am looking for a teacher for some specific euph work. I am approx. grade 7-8. PM or email PS Mods I hope I have put this in the...
  16. groovy

    A bit silly (miaow)

    Which Cartoon Cat Are You Most Like? Felix the Cat You're like this curious and mischievous little cat who escapes the disasters he creates by digging into his bag of magic tricks. You're attracted to happy tricksters. Which are you? :biggrin:
  17. groovy

    Strangest Concert Venue

    Mine is dressed as cowgirl on the back of a moving lorry. What's yours?
  18. groovy


    Which is your favourite? (TV soaps I mean ;) ). They are all a bit rubbish but I love Neighbours anyway, and ER, Casualty, Holby City - oh and the legendary tMP Soap of course.:p
  19. groovy


    I was thinking it would be really good if there was a forum/catagory that could be a sort of database of music, whether it is a band piece or a testpiece or a solo. tMPers could post their views on music eg difficulty, value for money, is it any good or not. I would find this useful because when...
  20. groovy

    24th NCBBA (Northern Counties) Entertainment Contest - Results

    Adjudicator: Barry Thompson Entertainment Judge: Eric Cook 1. Granite City Brass 187 (3) 2. Bathgate 185 (6) 3. Lochgelly 184 (5) 4. Arbroath Instrumental 183 (1) 5. City of Discovery Brass 182 (7) 6. Perthshire Brass 181 (4) 7. Tayport Instrumental 180 (2) Best 1st Section: Arbroath...