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  1. deave

    Molde Brass Band (Norway) need solo trombone...

    Molde Brass Band are working together with Frei Hornmusikk to create a package which is attractive to Trombone player who could also conduct another local band. LOTS of information on our webpage... please take the time to look...
  2. deave

    Sold/Expired Besson Sovereign Cornet for Sale

    Check out ebay
  3. deave

    Easter Football

    I am organising a band 6 a side football competition on Wednesday 15th April at Bedford High School in Leigh. It begins at 2.00pm and will include as many teams as possible. Last half term was a succesful event with teams from Fodens, Faireys, Leyland, Dyke and RNCM entering, it proved to be...
  4. deave

    Sold/Expired Besson Sovereign Cornet for Sale

    If interested please see ebay link
  5. deave

    band wanted ...

    ..... for cornet player. based in huddersfield solo cornet @ sellers from 2002 - june 05. dave morton 07821 308929
  6. deave

    The hardest exercise?

    what is the hardest exercise you can do from a study book? i reckons number 46 on page 20 of the arban is THE hardest. at crotched = 80 with some loud and quiet dynamics written in!! deave - future comet employee of the month
  7. deave

    Raf Van Looveren
  8. deave

    Runnerboy in *FREAK* accident

    Robert James Parkinson, 2nd horn and librarian virtuoso with the sellers international band tore a ligament on tuesday night in the band's weekly 5 a side football match. Sadly, James is unable to drive because of the injury, so is missing work, but getting lifts to band from his devoted...
  9. deave

    oooh i'm a lady!

  10. deave

    Rap da future

    hava look at this ...a preview of next years spennymoor winners!! i can hear dave roitenmagen practising as i type!
  11. deave

    Are Eikanger .....

    ... the coolest band in the world? Art of the States is mega! deave
  12. deave

    messenger at uni !!

    just found out u can use msn messenger on the uni pc's !! if anyone works/studies at a place where the firewall/system limits prevents the use visit: t'sauce-um
  13. deave

    BOC Brother - OMG!

    I'm sorry, i know am gonna offend a few people here; but....Oh my god! I cannot beleive how sad this whole boc brother thing is!!!! Have you lot got absolutely nothing better to do? Edit: A Poll has been added to guage the opinion of the rest of the Forum
  14. deave

    who's da biggest BOC ?

    ...i know there are loadsa people on here who've posted mega aidan or peter bale....and also people who've done alot in a shorter amount of time...well worth it or 2ndmandown..... ..but who is the biggest BOC on here? Midwalesman and Bousieuph always seem to appear when the...
  15. deave

    ladies in faireys??

    I attended Fairey's concert last night in Guildhall, Preston and they announced that Rebecca Crawshaw had joined the band on soprano!! She played last night, very well I might add.... I'm surprised nothing has been announced already???
  16. deave

    CRAMP!!!! - what can you do?

    Isn't cramp a right sod?
  17. deave

    Flaming students.....

    Hey folks. I know my band has got a bit of a reputation for being full of students, but i was wondering how many there are in other bands?! In Sellers we have 8 brass music students (sop,3+4th men, 1st+2nd horn, 2nd bari, top trom + bass trom) plus another 2 percussion (music?) students...
  18. deave

    What a day !!

    Just thought I'd share my dream wkend with the users of this forum.... My dad (who plays for ransomes) and me (play for sellers) missed the senior cup and grand shield respectively, to go to my sister's wedding !! Not only was it a fabulous day for us because of the wedding, but both our...
  19. deave

    "XBOX LIVE!"

    I've just signed up to xbox ace! If anyone wants to get in touch with me, sign up to it and add "RaNDoX" to your meyats. I'll be playing xiii
  20. deave

    Delphi vs MSN vs Mouthpiece

    I know its only the first day of uni holidays, but i've already started examining the things that used to keep me entertained. is my assesement of the good points of each of the forums. Delphi: Was great fun, loadsa anonymous slagging Msn: Had pictures Mouthpiece: The only...