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    Best test piece!!!

    To add my own view on the matter, sometimes we can view pieces we have played very differently from others, likewise pieces we have heard outstanding performances of can sway in favour of a piece only heard in mediocrity. Can you compare a 'studio' Cd to a stunning live version to stick in the...
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    Best test piece!!!

    Trittico was a great piece to play but in reality is not up there with others a trully great test pieces, imho. The earlier mention of On Alderly Edge has a lot of merit as it ticks many of the boxes for listener and player, particularly remember Brighouse at the nationals as an outstanding...
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    Sorry to say imissed the winning performance but had to leave early to get the good lady home. well done to Newtongrange must be a long time back the last time a band won the title straight after coming up from 1st. Enjoyed all the first seven bands and cant really fault the final order of the...
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    Who decided the Brass Band Formation?

    whilst uniformity can be sooooo boring, i remember reading a score for freedom where the solo cornet was on the top line instead of soprano and it all got a bit confusing after that...............
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    Space the final frontier & music ideas

    Adrain Drover's arr of Star Wars is pretty good but you will need a good drummer and a fairly strong sound from the horns
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    Announcement on Faireys Website

    Best of luck to all the departees. but especially best of luck to Faireys a band that have put in some brilliant performances over the last few years, including specifically Revelation last Saturday afternoon, a performance fitting to leave on, for those that are heading to pastures new. IMHO
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    Sold/Expired Urgently Wanted EEb Tuba for one month loan

    If anyone has a eeb tuba i could borrow to fulfill outstanding engagements for a month due to a disaster involving baggage handlers and current instrument, i would be most grateful.
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    Singing at Entertainment Contests??

    Selkirk Band up here in Scotchland, have an excellent soloist singer who plays cornet and sings and has won entertainment and soloist prizes at Whitburn and Land O' Burns Contests. I don't remember the names of the pieces but i believe they were Louis Armstrong songs. Very entertaining...
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    Love in the band?

    Would have to vote for the horn section mainly because i've been married to one (player that is not the whole section) for the last 15 years, though i have noticed a correlation betwen conductors and horn players. i would also agree that the pretty boys do seem to end up in the front row if not...
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    What's the most listenable test piece ever?

    Top five to listen to would be, in no particular order, as mentioned before, Dances and Arias and Diversions on a Bass Theme, and add to that Fireworks, Freedom (Hubert Bath) andEnglish Heritage
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    Chrimbo Tunes

    If cheese its to be then you can do no better than Ashmore's Jingle Bells, it goes down a storm. I also really enjoy Ray Far's Troika (I dont know about bells but it has got the whistles), final nomination for the non cheese department would be P Sparkes Litle Drummer Boy
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    Home Nations Contest

    ok here we go............ Scottish Band sop Tracy redfern Solos Phil Mccann Archie hutchison Russell Gray Graeme McCulloch Rep Eleanor Fergusson 2nd Angus (Newtongrange) Neil Smith 3rd Hugh Foster Karen Lauder (Scottish Co) cos...
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    The Acrobat ....A recording please

    a student friend of mine has asked me for a recording of badna nd Trom of the acrobat, does anyone know of where i could get such a thing, she is due to play the piece but has never heard it with band. Any help out there....... :shock:
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    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    Had the joy of sharing a curry with glyn Williams one night in Ayr after a concert and having enjoyed his playing immensly enjoyed his company even more. Remember well listening to On Alderly Edge at RAHand with all the stars in the Euph seats two underrated players shone for me. Lisa James...
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    Bye's for top 4 to the nationals?

    I beleive that the origonal idea was to try and keep the standard high for the Nationals by implementing the top four rule or its variant. But it certainly could be argued that the whole idea of the competition is for bands to all be entered on an equal footing. The prize though may lose some...
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    Derek Burgeois

    test piece wise, i really like Diversions for Brass Band, as regards other muisc, the trombone solo Bone Idyll is great to play for both band and trom and Whirlygig i remember from years ago was fun too.
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    All England Masters 2004

    For me as a player i would like to play New Jerusalem, as a audience member i would enjoy listening to Between The moon And Mexico again, and for nostalgia a chance to hear top bands playing Connotations would be a treat. Wierd though thinking of Connotations as a nostalgic choice. Only my...
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    All England Masters....A European Qualification place

    recent article suggested that a qualifaction place for the English representatives at the Europeans should be from the all England Masters Champs. A fair point which does have some merit especially as we Scots have our Scottish Championship, which also run as a regional contest for the National...
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    Scottish Open Result

    Sorry forgot to say, nice return to Glasgow for Russell Gray, maybe even an extra fiver in the pay packet
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    Scottish Open Result

    Top three all gave excellent performances, Kirkie and Sellers shone as well. Well done to the Co a fine end to a very hectic contest schedule. for me they sparkled today and deserved to get a good result. Whitburn may fel a bit hard done to but apparently had problems before going on stage so...