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    Best BBb

    My band are considering the purchase of a new BBb. What would the experts amongst the TMP members recommend?
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    Own Choice 2nd Section Test Pieces

    Anyone got any good suggestions?
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    Chewing Gum whilst playing

    I noticed a front row cornet player with Fodens appeared to be chewing gum during their performance on Sunday. I've never seen this before, anyone else do it? Does it take practice?
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    Relegation after Promotion

    Trying to work out who may or may not go down from the section my band is in. Can a band who has just been promoted and has two average scores for the last two years be relegated if this years result is bad enough to put them at the bottom? It was suggested to me there was excemption from...
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    Spring festival travel: M62 Shut

    M62 Shut Just heard on local radio that the M62 at Rochdale is shut from tonight 9.00pm for bridge replacement work. All you from Yorks / NE set off a bit early