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    Cannabis Rant

    Am in a mood to rant - Sorry Youth council and student council hat on here, but would be interesting to know what people think about this in general . . . Cannibis and the reclassification - to all you (supposidly) powerful people - i think you should be aware that it is not only young people...
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    Hitch Hikers

    i know this is really random and off topic, but i ound something i thought i should share, so other people can go as insane as i have. I have just found the most addictive game ever, and it is really bad, no graffics, no sounds not even a picture but it really is addictive, if you like hitch...
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    Instrument Cleaning

    Some one at rehersal said to me the other day, that they "had just cleaned there instrement for the week" so was wondering how often they should be bathed basically, as i have heard horror stories of someone who brasso'ed there instrment once a week, and it ended up callapsing on them...
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    !!! Live Performances At Risk !!!

    (if any of this is incorrect please would you contact me and i will be more then happy to correct anything) I felt this was the appropriate place to put this topic - as the very essence of our band and rehersal room is at stake! I was just wondering if you had heard the new law that is...