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    Best BBb

    My band are considering the purchase of a new BBb. What would the experts amongst the TMP members recommend?
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    Orchestra and Brass Band Styles or the biggest oxymoron in the World.

    I'm not quite sure if this really relates to this thread but I was surprised the piece commissioned for the masters was another set of variations only this time, and it's this that puzzled me, of the works of sir Malcolm Arnold who had actually written quite a bit of music for band. why not use...
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    Own Choice 2nd Section Test Pieces

    Thanks fromTheShadows. Are you a secret Hank Marvin fan??? Thanks to everyone else for their constructive suggestions. I too think it's a good idea we do something we've done before but I would go for the Downie, Music for the Common Man
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    Own Choice 2nd Section Test Pieces

    Anyone got any good suggestions?
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    The worst comment made in an adjudication

    I don't know if its the worst comment as I thought it was funny but it p..ed off the player concerned. In an open adjudication contest a while ago the adjudicator commented in his remarks on the "ridiculous" glasses being worn by one player. I can only assume he thought it was some sort of...
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    Chewing Gum whilst playing

    I noticed a front row cornet player with Fodens appeared to be chewing gum during their performance on Sunday. I've never seen this before, anyone else do it? Does it take practice?
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    Relegation after Promotion

    Trying to work out who may or may not go down from the section my band is in. Can a band who has just been promoted and has two average scores for the last two years be relegated if this years result is bad enough to put them at the bottom? It was suggested to me there was excemption from...
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    Action Research Youth Entertainment Contest

    I didn't go to the contest so can't comment on the bands who entered but when I saw the results the large difference in points did stike me as being unusual. BUT I thought it was refreshing to see results that were not in the usual procession of every band being one point above the next with no...
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    Welsh Entry to Europeans, Do we want change.

    Definately 2 in every area. I would would not offer prize money for the areas as no one is in it to win a few hundred quid but would use money saved to have 2 adjudicators. Am not Welsh or in a Welsh band but would perhaps suggest the band that can grow the biggest leek be entered into the...
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    Spring festival travel: M62 Shut

    A bit more info: from the Government News Network wensite The following weekend, Friday 12 May and Saturday 13 May further closures are planned for the westbound motorway when the remaining sections of the bridge deck are craned into position. On Friday evening the motorway will be closed...
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    Spring festival travel: M62 Shut

    M62 Shut Just heard on local radio that the M62 at Rochdale is shut from tonight 9.00pm for bridge replacement work. All you from Yorks / NE set off a bit early
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    Contest Creche!

    As my wife doesn't like brass band contests I don't have this problem with my 2 kids but I think it's a good idea. She plays french horn so I do have this problem on the wind band concerts we do together. We can usually arange for someone to help but one one concert last year. in the concert...
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    Unison Strike Action

    Todays strike is a joke. Public sector workers don't want to be treated like everyone else. Everyone else is having to face up to the fact that current pension funds are not sufficient to pay the future liabilities. It is the taxpayer [us] that will end up paying. In my view they are not going...
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    Rudest thing you've seen in a concert

    With regard to people walking out of concerts one of the previous posters hit the nail on the head when he said people didn't walk out of subsequent concerts because they knew what to expect. Brass bands should publicise their programs in advance so people know what they are getting, I know...
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    Does Loud Cheering Get Better Results

    Look at the the results in the championship section in NW It appears to be the only thing that affects the reult. I suspect the adjudicator was asleep during the performances and ranked them on volume of applause when he was jolted awake. When he came to talk about the piece before the results...
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    Judges and Qualifications

    Sports like skating / gymnastics have the ultimate check on adjudicators for their important competitions, they are televised and performances can be publically judged and reviewed against marks given. We need this in banding, as currently there is no accountability on adjudicators. From one...
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    Knitting during rehearsal

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    A Question For Conductors.......

    Noticed this too Steve trom, your conclusion is correct - compared to most sections of the band the troms are usually perfect!!
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    Putting Brass at Number one!

    I agree with jumperking - this is being pushed here because someone has decided this recording represents the banding movement, which I do agree needs more publicity. And why some cheesy cover - what would we think of some cheesy cover by a choir, barbershop chorus etc regardless of the...