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    Poor attendance at Europeans and contests/concert in general

    Poor attendance at contests It cost my wife and myself slightly in excess of £600 to go to Glasgow, including flights, hotel, tickets and food. We did go up on Thursday to take in the Euphonium Master class, the solo competition and the Stavanger entertainment concert.All excellent and worth...
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    The Music of the Spheres

    Music of the Spheres At Contests I make little notes about the performance of the Bands.Towards the end of Music of the Spheres I noted that the music was so wonderful, the playing so musical that I wished it would go on for ever! And, of course, it was technically breathtaking. Until...
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    Best Performance - ever!!!!

    Best Performance Ever YBS - Blitz - Europeans - Kerkrade - 1998 (I think) Astonishing, astounding, amazing------- The finest playing I have ever heard, and I have been listening for several decades
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    'Retired' players

    Retired players Peter in particular will know that SA Bands are particularly demanding of time - weekends, and week nights. It will take a considerable change of attitude to accept that people will come when they can. The Fellowship Bands have it right. Rehearsals once a fortnight and a...
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    Honariums, how much?

    MD Expenses Over the years I have done a fair amount of work for youth Bands both as Organising Secretary and for short periods, in extremis, as conductor. Whilst I was working, and earning more than enough to cover any expenses, I was happy to do it all for love, and paid for postage...
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    Tuition Fees

    Uni fees This is so complex that I am very reluctant to join in. I left school with absolutely zilch - no qualifications whatsover - not even one "z" at GCE as it was then. I came from a very poor background. But opportunities were available in those days to enter Customs and Excise...