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    Sold/Expired For sale - two euphonium CDs

    Peace - David Childs & Scottish Co-op Band Concertino - Steven Mead & Lillestrom Musikkorps
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    Music from the adverts

    Knowing (as we all do) that tMPers can provide the answer to just about any question... :clap: What is the piece of choral music that is currently being used on the Film 4 Christmas films trailer? A spoof version is also being used on the Garmin sat-nav adverts. I feel like I should know...
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    Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band @ St George's Church, Kidderminster

    A big thank you to Jackfield for a great concert last night in Kidderminster. Lots of 'non-banders' have told me how much they enjoyed it, with a particular highlight for many being the excerpts from Cloudcatcher Fells - bands who are scared of programming test pieces please take note! Hopefully...
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    This year's other composer anniversary

    We all know that this year marks the centenary of the birth of Eric Ball, and the banding community is rightly celebrating this anniversary. However, it's also 20 years this year since the death of Leslie Condon...just wondering if there are any plans afoot for a concert to mark this...