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    The 'Official' tMP Midlands Regional Thread

    As the V.W. is one of my favourites, I had a surprisingly enjoyable day yesterday and caught all of the performances. The surprising part was the standard and I have to say, with two or three exceptions, I thought the bands coped really well with piece. For me (I had to go before the summing-up...
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    The 'Official' tMP Midlands Regional Thread

    Hi cornetblower, Thanks for the congrats and I also make Langley & Jackfield for promotion (well done Cliff). At the other end I get Unity firmly on the bottom and then equal points for Enderby and Ibstock. If that's right, are we in for more controversy?! When you consider all the pressure...
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    The 'Official' tMP Midlands Regional Thread

    Well done to two of my old bands on their 3rd placings, Jags and Daventry. I've heard two separate reports that Ransomes played really well so they must be a bit disappointed, but I wasn't there so I can't really say. Thanks to everyone who has sent their congrats. through for our (Raunds) win...
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    whit friday marches

    On my first Whit Friday in '84 we ended up at SIDS at Stalybridge, and hearing Glossop play ORB in that superb acoustic has made it my favourite ever since. We've got Viva Birkinshaw out at the moment for concerts, so that's a distinct possibility for us this year.
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    Looking for a bass solo...

    Why not try Albertie, The Imp or Rondo Rotundo, all by Denzil Stephens and a little less run of the mill.
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    Bass Section, forgotten again !!!

    All Bass Discrimination should be reported to the Bass Relations Board!
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    What make of tuba mouthpiece do you play on?

    Played on a Wick 3L (and it's predecessor, the 3) for more years than I care to remember. If I do venture onto Bb I prefer something a bit larger, but I don't get the inclination very often. I think the main thing that puts people off changing is the price. It's a lot of dosh to splash out to...
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    National Championships of Great Britain 2004 Results

    Well done to Dyke - worthy winners without doubt. I was also pleased to see Tredegar in the frame as theirs was the other performance I really enjoyed. Just goes to show that a good test doesn't have to have millions of semi-quavers played at fff. The thing that shone through today was the music!
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    Who would you most like to conduct your band?

    For me, definately Bram Tovey. When he spent those few years at GUS/Rigid I was fortunate to attend numerous rehearsals (as an onlooker) and attend some memorable concerts (particularly from the compering point of view!) and my all time favourite contest performance was Rigid under Bram at Corby...
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    Grimethorpe Arnold Tribute Concert

    Did anyone attend the Malcolm Arnold concert by Grimethorpe at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London last night? What a superb evening and how well attended for a Monday evening. The band were on top form and we were treated to two hours of music by not only Malcolm Arnold but also Walton - The...
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    Info on the Composer Peter Kneale

    Peter originates from banding familly on the Isle of Man and currently resides in Wollaston, near Wellingborough, Northants. I was fortunate to enjoy three years under Peter's baton from, 1976 to 1979, at Rushden Windmill, just after I joined the band as an impressionable 16 year old, and he had...
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    How many marches did you manage during Whit Friday 2004?

    We managed 10, which went exactly according to plan, and had time to spare. The longest wait was our only foray onto the Saddleworth circuit at Greenfield, but it was well worth it for the fantastic reception (as always), the pies in the club and the fact that Brighouse followed us on. We waited...
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    First time I did Whit Friday was 1984 with Hollingworth and since then I've only missed 2. Have taken Towcester and Kibworth round Tameside and done it 3 times as member and guest with Rolls Royce/Jaguar (Coventry) but nothing beat taking my own band round on Friday night. Most of them were...
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    What was your fisrt Solo?

    Bombastic Bombardon - a legend in it's own lifetime!
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    Trumpets of the Angels

    Heard it performed by Fodens at RNCM and was bowled over by it and what a treat to have a slow, extended solo for Eb Bass. I too am amazed that nobody has taken him up on the offer of a contest friendly version. Such a missed oportunity.
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    Is it always true that age is linked to Experience?

    Experience definately comes with age but we're all never too old to learn. Sometimes younger players, in their keeness to progress, lose sight of the fact that banding is, most importantly, a team sport, but because of that fact is also excellent for character building for life beyond the...
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    Should Depping fees be standardised?

    I think most lower section players don't go out for a fee and most enjoy a change of scenery, the chance to catch up with a few friends and play a few different pieces, having said that, it's important that the dep is offered expences. If it has cost me petrol then I always accept a contribution...
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    Hardest position in a band

    Sop all the way. Lethal weapon in the wrong hands.
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    Philip Sparke

    I don't think there's ever been a bad one, at whatever level, but my three top ones would be: Cambridge Variations Moon & Mexico Tallis I shall always remember Leyland's...
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    Size of lower Brass players

    I personally, have always had a weight problem and, whilst at the moment I am up over 20 stone, I have been as low as 14 stone. When I really set my mind to it I find it relatively easy to lose the weight but difficult to keep it off long term. The one thing people always say when you lose it is...