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    Euph/Bari Player from Down Under

    Hi there, Euph/Bari player from Sydney, Australia. I'll will be on holidays in the UK from 26th August to 19th September. I'm hoping to dep with a band for the British Open (on euph or bari) during that time. (Unless I get called up to bat in the 5th Test) I play solo euph for Willoughby Band...
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    Piano Part: Glorious Liberation (Heart in Heart) by Bosanko

    Riki McDonnell has recorded it too and the piano part sounds the same as the Steven Mead version. On Riki's CD it says that copyright belongs to SP&S. I'll try sending Riki and email and see if he can shed some light. Thanks, ted
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    Piano Part: Glorious Liberation (Heart in Heart) by Bosanko

    Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can find the piano part of Glorious Liberation (aka Heart in Heart)? I've been looking for it for years! ted
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    Messenger for Loners...

    God and I are on first names basis now. Me: Alice? God: Can I help you? ted
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    "Fantasy Test Piece"

    First movement of Contest Music The Refiner's Fire and Nativity from Dove Descending Finale from Harrison's Dream (start with the handbells bit) ted
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    'Official' British Open 2005 discussion

    2005 is an odd number. It's gotta be a YBS win for sure. ted
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    solo/principal/1st terminology

    Euphonium parts are shared because they usually play in unison. When that is not the case then you might see a 1st and 2nd part (Devil and the Deep Blue Sea). Personally I prefer to see both parts on the same copy so I can be aware of what is going on when I'm practising at home. I think a piece...
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    solo/principal/1st terminology

    I think the term principal are given to the percived leaders of a "section" Principal Cornet (cornet section includes Soprano) Principal Horn (horn section includes Flugal) Principal Euphonium (euph/bari section includes Baritones) Principal Eb Bass (bass section includes BBb Bass)...
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    The End of the World

    Nope, The Sun: "Warney had sex AGAIN!"
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    60 years living with the bomb

    1. First bomb had to be dropped, second bomb was an act of violence to demonstrate the USA's supremercy over the rest of the world (British Empire and USSR). 2. Definitely 3. Yes. The thought that my home city can be destroyed with the push of a button frightens me. I truly believe...
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    The End of the World

    Hasn't Derek Bourgeois already had a go at it? ted
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    You mean english weather stopping your south african from having a cry and getting a sympathy 'not out' after getting hit plum LBW by a totally legit full toss? ted
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    James Morrison

    My band's playing with him next week! ted
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    Things that drive you mad at rehearsal!

    How about being told by parents of band members "Do you mind? We're trying to have a conversation." when you are warming up 5 minutes before the beginning of a rehearsal? ted
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    Anyone seen this: C4 Buys Hit US Series 'Lost'

    Both shows are doing very well here in Australia. ted
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    Things that drive you mad at rehearsal!

    Bands and conductors that don't learn from contest adjudications. (reads it once and the comments are lost in the band room for good) ted
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    Things that drive you mad at rehearsal!

    Players not taking risks during rehearsals drive me mad. Players thinking that it's the instrument's job to play in tune drive me mad. Player next to you breathing every second bar drives me mad. Players who need to have the last word when the conductor gives an instruction drive me...
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    SSh! Don't tell 'em

    If it's for me, I'd go the Gamecube. The exclusive Nintendo games appear to be very juvenile at first but they just end up being so much fun. Also there are too many new (dodgy) xBox games out there that are just rubbish unless you have access to the online multiplayer options (which can be...
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    Euphonium cds

    World of the Euphonium Series Voice of the Euphonium Metamorphisis Oration The Essential Steven Mead Flight Three Worlds
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    Bander's Top Tips!

    In the 2003 Australian Nationals, the test piece was Harmony Music and one band had every player delibrately ariticulate their entires in the beginning of the piece. I didn't think it worked. ted