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    Genuine Brass Band Legends

    Rumours of my demise would appear to be premature, but as this thread is about genuine brass band legends we would be better sticking to the subject without getting bogged down with the state of my health. Did Rosolino ever play with a decent brass band? That would have been worth listening to...
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    Kapitol Promotions To Run European Championchips

    "How can you know about this???? Do you know about the work of EBBA?? I know thast you possibly might be completely wrong here." He's not. Lalo
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    Nationals Threepeat

    Meltham and Meltham Mills never won the National. Lalo
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    British Open - Are You Going/your Prediction?

    I didn't see anyone demanding an apology. Neither did I see anyone else predicting that a particular band would end up in the Grand Shield. However bad other predictions were, Fodens related or not, his were clearly motivated by some level of dislike towards that particular band. I just asked...
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    National Championships of Great Britain 2004 Results

    There's a big difference between ppp and premature silence. It would be interseting to get a Cory perspective on this, but I think he cut the band off prematurely because the chord had gone awry, with players popping in and out with their contribution. Well done Black Dyke though. Great band...
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    British Open - Are You Going/your Prediction?

    Being a time traveller I sometimes get the chance to look over old threads. When doing so, it struck me that if anyone is going to be bold enough to make such ludicrous statements they should also be prepared to show some humility after their prediction has gone so spectacularly wrong. I...
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    British Open - Are You Going/your Prediction?

    Quote: (Originally Posted by Kerwintootle) Eh? Scottish Co-op won the Scottish Championships by three points in March this year then were placed third at the European Championships? Don't share your pessimism at all. Good luck to the 'co. Frankie, How did that one work out for you then? Lalo
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    Most decorated player

    Derek Jackson must be pretty near the top of the list.
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    New competition on 4BR

    Just spotted on 4BarsRest. Besson are putting up a new Prestige cornet to be presented by Roger Webster after a tour of their factory for the winner of their National prediction competition. Not a bad prize for an easy competition like that! How hard can it be? I wonder if RW will throw in some...
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    2005 Regional Tests

    I agree that Variations for Brass Band is a great piece that deserves to be used again, but for 2nd section???? The people that picked it have no idea how difficult it is. What's next? Contest Music for 3rd section? That doesn't look too difficult when you look at the score. Who picked them...
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    2005 Regional Tests

    They're having a laugh. Variations for Brass Band for 2nd Section! Tam O' Shanter's Ride for 3rd!!! I can think of plenty of Championship Section bands that would struggle with these. I don't remember Comedy being too easy either. All I can say is that the people that picked these have either...
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    Genuine Brass Band Legends

    I think you'll find I gave him a mention. Lalo
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    Genuine Brass Band Legends

    How could I forget the baritone and the only candidate - John Slinger. Sorry Lalo PS What band did Douglas Yeo play for?
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    Genuine Brass Band Legends

    How many times have you seen perfectly good threads on tmp of the type "who is the best.............?" being ruined by contributions like "my best mate dave at Smalltown Silver Prize Band is an excellent cornet player" or "young Tommy will be a great player when he's older". Excellent although...
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    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    I think that a point that's being missed by some of the bands here is that it really isn't up to them what happens. Biggs & Franklin have a free hand to invite whoever they like although it has to be said that they have an excellent record of involving the invited bands in the contest format...
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    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    .................and I do believe there were English and Welsh bands in the Scottish Open. Lalo
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    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    Loyalty is a two-way thing. Perhaps if Leyland hadn't pulled out of this year's contest at the last minute they would have been invited to next year's. Defending champions pulling out - poor show. Could you imagine how serious a situation it would have needed to be for Dyke to have have...
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    Greatest soloist within a testpiece contest

    For me Geoffrey Whitham in 1959 at the Royal Albert Hall in Le Roi d'Ys remains in the top bracket. Lyndon Baglin gave some great performances over the years and the most outstanding was in Le Carnaval Romain at Belle Vue in 1979, when he played with Faireys under Walter Hargreaves. Phillip...
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    TMPers for Scottish Championships

    .......and here I was, thinking it was a musical contest. I must have got it all wrong for the last 40 years. I suppose as long as your band 'rocks' and plays with attitude then it is quite acceptable to play with poor ensemble, bad intonation and some ropey soloists. I admire your pride...
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    Scottish Championship Section?

    I have for various reasons travelled to the Scottish Championships on a number of occasions and believe that there are only three bands there that would so much as survive in the Yorkshire or North West Championship Sections. I have been witness to some very poor playing from the bands outside...