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    Mouthpiece Plating Services

    I should have of course noted that we are in the US and the 'free return shipping' is only for US customers. However, the work is excellent and we would be happy to arrange shipping in the best possible manner.
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    Intro to Mouthpiece Plating Services

    I have been doing repairs and restorations for over 40 years and enjoy making you players happy when I return those restored mouthpieces. I put a note in the Classifieds section, but give me a look-see at or give a call to (877) 255-0193. Dave Friedman
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    Mouthpiece Plating Services

    Offering Brass Instrument Silver Re-Plating (or Gold) services from a Silversmith with 40 years of band instrument repair experience. See, or call us at (877) 255-0193. Dave Friedman says, "Let me personally return your worn, scratched, dented mouthpieces to a...