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    Well . . . it's finally got me, been playing over 40 years and finally succumbed to the dreaded mumps. Been down with it for over a week, huge cheeks like a double B player playing fffffff! and a double chin you could ski down (won't even mention the other part of may anatomy!!!). Already...
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    Sold/Expired New from Philip Harper

    Just released two of Philip Harper's most sought-after arrangements. The main theme from the Muppet Show (a storming encore) and a salsa (the music of Cuba) Salsa Pa'Gozar . . . available from Wright & Round.
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    Hetty Wainthrop theme

    I believe Philip McCann played the theme to the TV series Hetty Wainthrop Investigates. Any one know where I can obtain a recording of this? Roger Thompson (Flowers Band)