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  1. David Evans

    Returning to Group Playing, What’s your Band doing?

    Well Jack, good to see you are still upright and able to rail against this government’s woeful management of this pandemic. Out of interest when was your positive COVID-19 test and how long did you have to wait for the answer?
  2. David Evans

    Lockdown and dentist

    David Bowie was a very able recorder player and appears on several of his songs
  3. David Evans

    Help with the baritone horn

    Oh dear Jack, why don't you view the original question posed by Fernando, look at the other replies and then conclude that your reply to me was completely inappropriate, especially given that Fernando asked for advice and is a non-native English speaker. This will also save me the mind-numbing...
  4. David Evans

    Help with the baritone horn

    My Baritone weighs 2.5Kg, my Euph weighs 4.3Kg. A Euph sits on your lap and your back will bend and twist when putting it on the floor. A Baritone is held against your chest and does not need a lot of effort to manoeuvre as it can be laid across the knees quite happily. Uncompensated instruments...
  5. David Evans

    How long until I can play again after a PE

    Hello Alex, a couple of assumptions that you’re a healthy man in his early 30s with a recent significant PE so my advice is based on this. 1) Specialist nurses are adequate for routine matters but nothing else, similarly with registrars and below. You may get sensible advice from a Senior...
  6. David Evans

    Guess Who

    Sunday 8th April 18. 22:30 Just returned from a concert north of here featuring Tudor dancing tunes for Concertina and brass band, it featured a chap playing concertina -invented by Charles Wheatstone of Wheatstone bridge fame, and was beautifully arranged by a chap from TMP who shares the same...
  7. David Evans

    Absolute beginner torn between playing Baritone/Euphonium or Trombone

    Jack, try playing a trill on your baritone from upper E to F using firstly 0 to 1, then try again using using 1+2 to 1 and you will see exactly what DT means, it's also less likely to drop to the D by mistake.
  8. David Evans

    Fanfare for Europe

    Let's stick with Beethoven and settle on the final movt of his ninth Symphony
  9. David Evans

    Fanfare for Europe

    or the hymn 'Here we suffer grief and pain'
  10. David Evans

    How do you like your regional test piece?

    Does it actually matter, perhaps they were short of quality basses, one never knows. Certainly in a few rehearsals we tried substituting a Euph which worked quite well. I also went to a different area and saw one band with only 5 cornets, they weren’t placed but all credit for having a real go...
  11. David Evans

    If you know the link between these two objects . . .

    Slide rules and log tables
  12. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    That’s the problem that started this thread so take care, furthermore it’s only two months before All Fools day and a chance to be offended so beware, gentle souls, beware.
  13. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    Mesmerista, don’t be fooled, wait until you see the whites of his eyes then hit him with a sub FF
  14. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    Unison Euphs
  15. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    They who cannot be named
  16. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    Horns on a good day
  17. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    The back row
  18. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

  19. David Evans

    Don't be fooled

    The one who cannot be named but sits beside a Euph...