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    "Letter from Home" sheet music

    Letter from Home As far as I know Patrick this piece has not been published and there are many permissions that need to be gained before the piece can be played by any band! Derek Mount Charles Band
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    Mount Charles Band - Proms in the Park

    The Mount Charles Bands are proud to present Proms in the Park with conductor Dr Nicholas Childs and special Guest Soloists Jamie Prophet (Co Principal trumpet of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra)and Lynette Carveth (International Soprano Soloist) on Saturday 14th August 2004 at...
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    Anyone off to France ? ?

    Weenie, Good luck to you and the band mate over the water! Shame you didn;'t need a percussion dep mate. I know of one who would of come over will you Gloucester boys. COME ON ENGLAND!!!! Delboy
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    Ebbw Vale Contest News - Ooops!

    The tabloids always print what they WANT to, irrelevant if they have received the full story or not. Some more than others in my opinion. Anyway I'm now off to read 'The Sun' to find out what's REALLY happening in the world! Delboy
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    Ebbw Vale Contest News - Ooops!

    Mmmm, I've maintained silence on this topic as I am aware of the incident from Bryan himself. As Wayne has already said this is totally out of character and has caused great embarassment to Bryan. He has apologised to the organisers and been truthful as to what had happened. Not...
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    West of Eng. Champ section Results

    West of England Area results Just to post a sincere thank you to all those who have spoken with band members on our performance at the area. We were really pleased with the performance and even more delighted with the result. This year will be the first time in the band's history that we...
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    Whose going to the Yorkshire regionals on Sat 6th March?

    Yorkshire Area Yes I will be there with my brother. Travelling up on Saturday from deepest Cornwall. Should be good!! Derek JAG Mount Charles
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    Yes I read the article in the BB. And no doubt he is having a dig possible at my percussion section. We've supported the contest (SWBBA) for the last 3 years and have used the percussion required for Tallis Variations, Journey into Freedom and Pagannini which were our own choices test pieces...
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    All England Masters 2004

    Has Harrisons Dream been selected then or was that just a guess??
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    Yeovil 2004

    Yeovil Yep Suz, i'm looking forward to a good day at Yeovil too!! It's always well run as Iggmeister says and it certainly is a sociable day. That said the £2000 first prize is also a very nice carrot!! No doubt we'll see you there Derek JAG Mount Charles
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    Tristan: Which Transfigurations do you love and loathe

    Tristan Well Ginge, If you can't play your part why don't you try some P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E!!!!! It's not a new concept!!! Derek JAG Mount Charles
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    Brass Players and Conductors views on Percussionist

    Percussionists We are pretty darn essential if people are prepared to admit it. I get the old gags 25 musicians and 3 drummers. you lot only play pots and pans, anyone can band a drum etc etc. The members in my band get the response they deserve and I just smile and ignore them all. The...
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    JAG Mount Charles Band, Cornwall

    3rd cornet required. Rehearsals Monday and Thursday. Exciting concert and contest calender ahead plus the opportunity to work with some of brass band's finest Conductors. If you're interested please email a response. Derek Thomas Chairman JAG MCB
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    Pontin's Prediction Competition Results

    My predictions are: Championship 1, Wingates 0 2, CMFC 0 3, BTM 0 1st 1, BHK Horden 0 2, Longridge 0 3, Co Op Milnrow 1 2nd 1, Shirley 0 2, Old Silkstone 0 3, Langbaugh 0 3rd 1, Carlton Brass 0 2, Hoover 0 3, Boarshurst 0 4th 1, Wardle and District 0 2, Phoenix 1 3...
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    National Youth Championships at the RNCM, Manchester

    Well done to JAG Mount Charles Youth who won the community section of the National Youth Finals today. (and playing off draw number 1) :lol: Derek Thomas Chairman JAG Mount Charles