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    The Last Post

    JUst wondering with Rememberance Sunday coming up, has anybody got a link that has got a copy of this and Revalli? I need it but cant find it online anywhere! (Sorry if this thread has been posted already) Thanks
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    Yes i could post the link but you dont get all the recent updated ones on there... not every account anyway
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    Kelly if you PM me your address i'll send you a copy of Halifax's interest rates on Fixed and Variable accounts. (Seeing as i work there!)
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    Who is going to Bugle this year?

    how many awards did she win!!?? I got 3 awards Jim, Best Cornet player in the Youth Section, Best Instrumentalist in the 1st section and Best Cornet player of the day
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    Who is going to Bugle this year?

    Championship Section: Test Piece: Year of the Dragon 1st - Mount Charles 2nd - Bodmin Town 3rd - Camborne Town Hymn: Love Divine?? 1st - Mount Charles 2nd - Bodmin Town 3rd - Camborne Town Best Player Award,Trombone of Mount Charles (Chris Thomas) First Section: Test Piece: Music...
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    Who is going to Bugle this year?

    Alot of people who play get there for like 8:00am/9:00am, not the same for everyone though...March down is at 10:00am so decide from there. The field does seem to get rather busy, especially if its nice weather.
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    Camping in Cornwall

    I dont no if anybody has replied to one of the above posts about what time does Bugle contest start, but the march down starts at 10am and the march back throught to the square is usually around 7ish?! Just depends how many bands have entered. This year there are a few i guess but dont go...
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    Does anyone no when the whole results for each sections will be shown? ie 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc? Thanks!
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    Best Youth Bands

    Cornish Youth Champions 2nd Year Running!! Best in the West!!
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    Promoted to 1st section

    St.Dennis are going up to 1st Section from 2007 aswell! Woohoo! :D
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    If your still looking for their conductors contact, then I can give it to you if you PM me or send me an email.
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    Official Pontins thread

    Did anyone actually hear St.Dennis play in the 2nd Section no. 21? It was my first contest as principal and was really dreading it but it went ok! Well done to all the other bands in this section, was a hard competition for all in such a large class.
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    Pontins Youth Championships: Whos playing?!

    What did Mount Charles Youth come?? Did they go?
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    Best Youth Bands

    St.Dennis Youth Band, (who i play for) put up an excellent performance at Bugle on saturday. it was a shame that we didnt have any competition. Were they afraid?? Lol!
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    Truro Results

    My personal view is that if you live in cornwall and play in a cornish band you should support the cornish contests and give them priority. I enjoyed the weekend as much as others and would like to congratulate every band/person who took part.
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    Truro Results

    Open Entertainment Section 1 = Camborne 193 2 = St. Dennis YOUTH! 190 3 = Hayle 186 That ok???
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    Truro Results

    Junior Section 1 = St.Stythians 173 2 = Pendennis Brass 170 Best Instrumentalist = Solo Trombone - Pendennis Brass Fourth Section 1 = Lostwithiel 175 2 = Redruth 173 3 = St. Agnes 171 Best Instrumentalist = Principal Cornet - St.Agnes Conductor of Winning Band = Linda Trethewey...
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    David Childs!

    They do practice the pieces before the course. Leading up to the the course for like 4months ish??!
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    Sold/Expired St.Dennis Band New Cd! "Our Heritage"

    Hi! I dont know if Aj has posted about St.Dennis's brand spankin new CD! such an easy listener, and its only £10.50 (including postage and packaging) any body interested then send me a PM or an email Cd includes: The Cossack There You'll Be Let Me Try Again Singin' In...
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    Who likes mince pies?

    Yum!! Especially with Cornish Clotted Cream!