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    The Official 2006 Scottish Open/Shield Contest

    personally i thot i was up for 4br best soloist with my susp cymbal at the end of vienna great result and glad hard payed off. congrats to all the winners
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    Land O'Burns 2006

    Just want to say yesterday was a long but enjoyable day and congratulations to everyopne who played. Also well done to all the prize winners.
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    Aye can't wait to see everyone up at Dundee for the first time. Anyone know the last time (Apart from Troon 2000) the contest wasn't in Motherwell or Falkirk?
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    Pukeage at Spennymoor

    Wutburn Wass up all night on moday into tuesday with it and half the whitburn boys were off uni yesterday along with maself. Just read bout the kirkie crew havin it aswell. let's hope it doesn't spoil both band's chances this sunday in Glasgow. Get well soon to all anyway.
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    Who's the prettiest lady in banding?

    Katrina Marzella of Whitburn and Emma Farrow of Hepworth are two that spring to mind. But half the West Lothia Band are crackers as well.
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    National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    we still goin on bout this. I dunno have any other contests taken place since the atsrt of April I wonder?
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    Europeans 2004 - congratulations to YBS (again)!

    What did people think of NYBBS? Did Horra Staccato come across? I'd like to hear some views please. :D
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    Europeans 2004 - i'm luvin it!

    Can't go Friday unfortunaely and working saturday before the NYBBS rehearsal. Then hell cometh when we step out to do horra stacatto! Go have mercy on my soul!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Whos all going to Easter NYBBS then?

    Lauradoll how long is it since you played in NYBBS? who was in it back then? God is Bruno goin? Scotty you'll need to give him a muzzle and keep him on a leash(that how you spell it?) if he's goin to be anywhere near as bad as last year. God help us! Luce, the tutors are Archie...
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    Whos all going to Easter NYBBS then?

    arite our kidd? Someone correct me if im wrong but i think Something is getting written for Katrina when she comes back from Oz. Whats Horra Staccato like? hard? Anyone else goin? :?
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    Whos all going to Easter NYBBS then?

    Just wondering what tMPers are going to the easter course in Glasgow?
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    National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    Amen lauren. To the bloke who says it was a fix. Get over it. Thought all this mince before the contest was bad but having to step that low is beyond a joke. Well done to everyone participating and on you're placings. Brass bands is about making music and enjoying being part of an ensemble...
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    TMPers for Scottish Open?

    Im Gawn tae. Pity its only 30 mins fae where a stay!!
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    Scottish Band five-a-sides tourney

    Just had this thought of the possibility of a five-a-side football tournament for scottish bands sumtime. Just to see what kind of feedback you would give. It would be open to bands from all four sections aswell as a womens tournament. Just get your band to pick 5 players and enter. What...
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    NYBBS 2003 and looking forward to 2004

    Aye forgot use are playin wi kinniel in sum massed band hing. Hopefully we'll be at the start ae the concert and can go and get horsed before halftime. So who's all comin tae glasgow for the easter course then? a hundred and ten sheets? aye that'll be just for the drink!!!!!!!1 :grnsm...
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    NYBBS 2003 and looking forward to 2004

    Aye it is doll. I call him gayness well because he is! Playing with the county aye. so when you're gettin wated :guiness i'll still be on the feckin stage!!!!! :evil:
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    NYBBS 2003 and looking forward to 2004

    Awrite troops just too see if theres any other nybbs folk on here apart fae the ones i know like lucy gayness and katrina. Gie us a shout if you're oot there!
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    Just to say that smelly was absolutely horsed at the open just like the whole bond! Still cannae believe i blew 17 quid on a round for ne katrina and emma farrow!! Aw well Just need to keep goin. See yeez efter!
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    Who's going to win the Whitburn Contest??

    Awrite troops just to say thanks for aw the gid performances at ma home contest. Thats probably been one o the best Wutburn contests to date. Cheers for a great day!!!!!!!!
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    2nd at the open? 'Mon the Scots!

    Hod On! Hod On! This has been blown way overboard noo. I admitted i hadnae checked if any of the bands were goin. :oops: :dunno So anyone else wantin tae have a go mon and ill gie use a square go!!!!!!!!!!!1 :hammer