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  1. Flugelgeek

    Flugel player available after RAH National Finals, based in Luton.

    Hi! I'm moving to Luton for University in September but I'm playing for the National Finals in October for my band at home in the North East. Looking to dep on Flugel (cornet at a push?!) in the Luton area. The big problem is that I don't have transport so would either be relying on public...
  2. Flugelgeek

    Flugel player moving to Luton!

    Hi everyone! I don't really use TMP, but I am from a Championship band based in the North East of England, and I am moving to Luton for University. Although I am committed to my band at home for The National Finals at the RAH (because who would want to miss Spiriti?!), I am hoping to start...