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  1. CubbRep

    Teaching in Australia/NZ

    Just talking to my brother in Australia he says try I hope this might help
  2. CubbRep

    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

    It seems like a lot of people are interested in the Yorkshire Area at the moment..And could be interested in the comments from The British Bandsman on facebook.Also 4barsrest only seem to be interested in The Yorkshire Championship Section. Anyway aside from that.Cubbington played the 3rd...
  3. CubbRep

    Anyone having trouble with 4barsrest website

    I am having the same problem with 4barsrest.They may get it sorted soon.:)
  4. CubbRep

    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    Any news as to when the predictions page will be back up and running ?
  5. CubbRep

    Area Pieces 2012

    Oceans was the finals test piece in 2009 for the 3rd section.What a fantastic piece of music.It is far too early for this piece to be used again.I would rather have a new piece for the area's specially commissioned for all sections.As much as i like to see some of the old pieces being chosen,I...
  6. CubbRep

    The flugel is not a real instrument

    I disagree that the Flugel is played by failed cornet/euphonium players.I would like you to say that to some of the top Flugel players in this country.It is a specialist instrument on which you develop your own style unlike a lot cornet players. I am a cornet player,but still love playing the...
  7. CubbRep

    Cubbington Silver Band

    Cubbington silver Band are currently looking for Cornet players,BBb Bass and 2nd Euphonium and Tenor Horn players to help bolster the band.We have had many successes over the last few years.We are a very friendly organisation and welcome all players. So,if you are looking for a band,we are the...
  8. CubbRep

    Leamington Contest 2010

    I wont be late Rob..Have a rehearsal at 9-30 in Leamington,so will miss some of the fourth section..Looking forward to seeing you again and having that beer !!!! LOL.
  9. CubbRep

    Leamington Contest 2010

    I think first band on is at 9-30 in the fourth section..
  10. CubbRep

    Leamington Contest 2010

    Cubbington are back on the trail...Don't think because we have had our ups and downs that we are going to give up without a fight ..See you all there..May the best band win..
  11. CubbRep

    Maurice Bale

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this time Peter..he will be a great loss to banding.he was a fantastic musician and friend...I have some really good memories of your Father..I can remember playing at a Sgt's mess dinner where i was the only cornet player..Up turns Maurice with a...
  12. CubbRep

    Who is going to Butlins? (2010)

    I'll see you there at some point mate:tup
  13. CubbRep

    Last Post & Reveille

    I have played The Last Post and Rouse for the last 36 years.I was in a Corps of Drums in the army and played every Remembrance Day no matter where i was stationed.And still play to this day at least 3 times on the day.And always without fail play it on a bugle.
  14. CubbRep

    territorial army bands

    I play in a disbanded TA band in Coventry that kept going after SDR in 1999.We still wear military uniform and are affiliated to The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.We do a lot of jobs for various Regimental Associations in the Midlands.And a few TA mess jobs. We have our 10th Anniversary this...
  15. CubbRep

    Matlock Band announces departure of Musical Director

    I am sorry to hear that Roger has decided to take a break..Over the years I have become a fond follower of the band and even though i play for Cubbington,have always looked to see how the band is doing and at their results. Best of luck for the future.
  16. CubbRep

    You Raise me UP - Eb horn solo

    Roger Thorne will have it.I am sure he also has a full band score for sale from his website.
  17. CubbRep

    March Killaloe

    Hi.I have played Killaloe with a mixed band of brass and wind in the past.For Eb instruments they have played Alto Sax parts.Tuba's,Euph's and Troms are in Bass Clef.But I suppose you can transpose the french horn part for Eb Tenor horn. If you want you could give Barny Barnes a call and see if...
  18. CubbRep

    Playing at Phil Plant's Funeral (Ratby)

    Hi Fran, I have pm'd Becky to let her know i would play.See you there.
  19. CubbRep

    Most Annoying Pet Hates In Banding.

    My pet hate is when our conductor stops the band during rehearsal,certain members of the band start talking instead of listening to what he/she has to say.Then ask where are we going from etc.if they weren't talking they would know. I am an ex military band player and never did say anything...
  20. CubbRep

    West Midlands Association Contest 2008 (Leamington Spa)

    Not bad,Principal Cornet last week.Principal Euph this week.Well done Jim.I said to some of the band that you would win it...:clap::clap: