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  1. iggmeister

    What are you watching on YouTube at the moment?!

    Once you've seen this, everything else on YouTube doesn't quite cut it... Igg
  2. iggmeister

    Spring Festival 2009 pieces announced...

    Yeah its on the CD 'Full Spectrum' by Mount Charles ;) Igg
  3. iggmeister

    Alan Pope Receives Worshipful Company Medal

    Thoroughly deserved! Igg
  4. iggmeister

    English Nationals....

    Hmm. Wonder which half of the draw Reg Vardy are drawn in... Perhaps I'm just reading too much into that ;) I'm starting to enjoy rehearsing the piece now. Unusually featureless for the cornets but lots of stamina required. Igg
  5. iggmeister

    Masters of Space and Time set as test for 2009 All England Masters

    Wasn't one of the main talking points of this years contest the fact that the hall was so empty for all the bands? I used to like this contest but it seems to have lost its way. I think it has a bit of an identity crisis. However, the venue has never been great playing-wise and now that the...
  6. iggmeister

    English Nationals....

    Being completely boring, bar 114 is in the 12/8 section (at dotted crotchet equals 168.) which is the chromatic run down from high C with the sextuplet-quadruplet-triplet-triplet rhythm. I can only just double/ triple at that speed let alone do a chromatic starting on high C after umpteen bars...
  7. iggmeister

    English Nationals....

    Anyone nailed bar 114 yet? I'd be surprised to hear a clear version of that bar on the day. It is growing on me even if the tomtom interjections and temple block concertos are a little distracting. Igg
  8. iggmeister

    best cornet player

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Phil Cobb. I'd say he is already up there in the top tier. Is David Daws still playing regularly? If so, he must be up there. Igg
  9. iggmeister

    Time To Bin Kapitol!

    If the National Finals are such a burden, why doesn't a band play at the area and then (if it qualifies for the RAH) refuse its invite to the National Finals and go to Preston instead (either as area winner or by virtue of being one of the highest ranked English bands). That would be only 2...
  10. iggmeister

    Time To Bin Kapitol!

    4br has had a bee in its bonnet for sometime about this. The banding majority don't seem too fussed about it, or at least nobody has done something about it - perhaps this is your moment DeafeningRoar? 'We' dont self regulate very well and have acquiesced in the actions of private people or...
  11. iggmeister

    National Finals Test Pieces ??

    Nope Interesting comments in the 4br article posted today though. Perhaps Kapitol are trying to maximise the number of hits on it's site? It's funny that the Government can't keep top secret information about terrorists or Iraq safe - perhaps they should liaise with Kapitol and the Music...
  12. iggmeister

    What I learnt today.....

    I think there is a difference between genuine revision i.e. going over and reminding yourself about what you have already learnt, and learning something for the first time prior to the exam. The former is a recap and the latter is desperation i.e. trying to do what you should have done weeks...
  13. iggmeister

    National Finals Test Pieces ??

    I'm presuming from the lack of response that the Championship piece isn't in the Bandsman this week. Can anyone confirm? Anyone know when it will be announced? Its all getting a bit silly now. Igg
  14. iggmeister

    Oberoesterreich consider Euro future

    Sit on the fence everyone why dont you! I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that they were not keen to go from the lower section to the higher section as they were not so keen on the competitive element playing testpieces but wanted to make music. In fact from 4br 2006 retro of the B section...
  15. iggmeister

    Oberoesterreich consider Euro future

    Has anybody else read the article on 4barsrest? I was surprised at the tone (which seemed a little presumptuous) but the rationale behind it also raises some interesting issues. I'm not saying they are necessarily wrong but it is quite bold...
  16. iggmeister

    BBC Young Musician of the Year Brass Final 2008

    Just watched the programme having sky+'ed it. I thought the standard in the Brass Final was higher than the other 2 I have seen so far. Peter Moore's performance was excellent, irrespective of his age and he deserved to go through on merit. I'll be watching the final with interest. Igg
  17. iggmeister

    The State of The Nations Brass Bands

    I think you'll find that the Council of the WOE have increased their booking at Torquay well into the 2010's. It was mentioned in the grading tables that came out recently. Igg
  18. iggmeister

    Elitism in Brass Banding

    Some interesting stuff on here. I think some people get frustrated by the fact that some people get paid money (irrespective of whether they claim to be 'professional' - whatever that really means - or not) if only for the fact that there is so much time and effort that goes on by (usually) a...
  19. iggmeister

    Spit on the carpet

    Surely there is the odd occassion when a hock-a-loogy makes its way down the leadpipe. I know I have done it plenty of times. Igg
  20. iggmeister

    Best insults to players from conductors

    I agree. The worst I ever heard was depping for another band and they had a solo euph dep. The conductor announced the next pieces to the audience but added "we are cutting a bit out of the middle because the euph player can't play it". The funny thing was, he wasn't really joking - just some...