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  1. George BB

    Pencil marks on sheet music.

    We have been told that we may not use music for contesting with pencilled marks. This is the first time in 40 plus years that I have come across this and ask if this is true. I accept that the score given to the adjudicator must be unmarked, but surely players must be allowed to make notes as...
  2. George BB

    Mystery instrument

    A lady asked me what a strange instrument was that she had seen in an orchestra. It was very like a valved trombone but sat upright in front of the player with the bell at the top and pointing forward. Now I had seen one of these at a Tuba and Euphonium symposium several years ago at the RNCM...
  3. George BB

    Godalming / BBb / Euph

    We have a nice friendly 4th section band here in Godalming. Just 4 miles South of Guildford in Surrey but could do with a few more players. I've been looking for someone to play the other double B and we could also do with help in the Euphonium department. Any players in this area will be sure...