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  1. Andy_Euph

    2018 Area test pieces

    You'd think that after the last three years of having pieces that were composed with the 4th section in mind, that this year might be a tough one in the 3rd section. I heard a rumbling of perhaps something like Valerius Varitions for the 4th section and if previous posters are suggesting another...
  2. Andy_Euph

    Nationals predictions - too soon?

    Triptych (or something of that ilk) for section 4 please
  3. Andy_Euph

    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Likewise my intention was not to be glib about not spending ages on the area test piece. Just making the point that it is a piece that won't dictate a bands schedule for months and months, meaning they cannot focus on other music that can help them improve.
  4. Andy_Euph

    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Yes we did and we won our area.
  5. Andy_Euph

    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    We didn't start looking at Phileas Fogg until mid February so I've a feeling this one will be the same. I share the frustration of others that while all the other sections get a piece that sets technical challenges, the 4th section get something relatively straightforward. However I think...
  6. Andy_Euph

    Black Dyke Mills Band - 1970 - High Peak

    Is it the same CD that has Petite Suite de Ballet on it? If so I have the tracks and I can email you the High Peak recording if you'd like.
  7. Andy_Euph

    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    Any idea about when the CD will be available for digital download?
  8. Andy_Euph

    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    Better er or worse than this year Lindon?
  9. Andy_Euph

    Jayess Newbiggin Band (North of England) - Musical Director required

    Jayess Newbiggin Brass require a Musical Director to take the band forward and build on the strong foundations already in place. The band have built steadily since its inception in 2009 and have a loyal and committed core who are determined to improve. We currently perform in the 4th section and...
  10. Andy_Euph

    pBone vs real trombone

    I use Pbones at my school and have found they are just as good as a brass made instrument. Plus they have the added bonus that they don't dint when dropped on the floor, meaning no heart attacks when a 9 year old picks it up by the slide! Only thing I've found that is a bit negative is the...
  11. Andy_Euph

    Rit vs Rit - English Pastorale

    Are the markings meant to be ritenuto or ritardando? I've been interpreting them as the former, but after having a look at the Tredgear workshop on 4barsrest they seem to be playing the latter. Seeing as the adjudicators seem to want clarity to come through (comments from both judges on...
  12. Andy_Euph

    Any bands in Oxfordshire/Berkshire looking for a tenor trom?

    I can't believe someone has let you in a band Doog! Good to see you playing again mate, massive waste that trombone sitting in the loft.
  13. Andy_Euph

    Flugel mouthpiece, what's the biggest bucket available?

    Title says it all really, what's the biggest mouthpiece on the market?
  14. Andy_Euph

    Which section for these test pieces ?

    Some cracking pieces there, but none too many would be lower than 1st section I would have thought, although you'll have some trying to convince us that they aren't that hard and should be 4th section! I absolutely love Variations on the Shining River, it's one of my favourite pieces, but not...
  15. Andy_Euph

    North of England areas 2014

    Congratulations to the winners over the weekend. I thought the standard of the 4th section was very strong, and can only be a good thing for the region. I thought North Skelton were clear winners and they sounded as if they could have been in the section above at least. I was happy with our...
  16. Andy_Euph

    North of England areas 2014

    Good luck to all competing this weekend.
  17. Andy_Euph

    Wansbeck Entertainment Contest - 19th October 2014

    The Wansbeck Entertainment Contest will be making a return this year and will be held at the Sports and Community Centre in Newbiggin By The Sea. The contest is open to all bands and Newbiggin is within a couple of hours reach of Yorkshire and Southern Scotland. For further info, email...
  18. Andy_Euph

    Euphonium Mouthpiece - Which one?

    Not too bothered about anything to help range, I've got a fairly comfortable 4 octave range on my 4AL so that should switch fairly easy, but need something to just give a bit more power. I don't know if its psychological but my 4AL feels like a much smaller mouthpiece at the moment, although...
  19. Andy_Euph

    Euphonium Mouthpiece - Which one?

    I've started playing again properly after about 2 & 1/2 years with the stick and i'm after a new mouthpiece. I now play on a prestige but i'm finding it a bit of a beast to fill compared to other smaller sovereigns I've played on before, and my DW 4AL (which I've always played on) isn't doing...
  20. Andy_Euph

    Borders Contesr 2013

    As others have said, an extremely well run contest and an enjoyable second time north of the border. Not the result my band would have hoped for but we enjoyed the experience all the same. Hopefully we'll see you all in Peebles next year! P.S.....where the hell is Peebles? :D