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  1. George BB

    Pencil marks on sheet music.

    It will be for the fourth section regionals.
  2. George BB

    Pencil marks on sheet music.

    We have been told that we may not use music for contesting with pencilled marks. This is the first time in 40 plus years that I have come across this and ask if this is true. I accept that the score given to the adjudicator must be unmarked, but surely players must be allowed to make notes as...
  3. George BB


    As a player, am I allowed to correct any errors I find on sheet music (with a pencil) or make suitable reminders to self (again with a pencil) and having done so may I use that sheet music when playing at a contest?
  4. George BB

    Bass Section Etiquette

    Stick your pedal notes in at rehearsal and see if you get a scowl or a grin from the conductor then mark up in pencil for future occasions. Re position, don't push your chair back against the timp. I did once and their piece started with a fff roll. A double B takes some catching.
  5. George BB

    What's It Called Again?!!

    If it is the "Farewell Symphony" then it is arranged for brass band and we have used it this year. No candles but that sounds like a novel twist.
  6. George BB

    Musical terms dictionary

    There is a little red book called the rudiments and theory of music, which has it all in. I started 40 years ago just learning to play notes, progressed to playing tunes and then bought that book to try and play music. Still have the book but some say the music is still to come. Keep taking the...
  7. George BB

    SBBA does it again.

    So Scotland leads the way to sanity at last. Is it too much to hope that the rest of the UK will follow?
  8. George BB

    If you were not a brass player, what would be your preferred instrument?

    For the last umpteen years playing, and carting round a double B, I have always said that if there was reincarnation then I wanted to come back as a piccolo player. Now that I have been allowed to attempt a move to baritone, I am not so sure. Why do they write the notes so high?
  9. George BB

    Brighouse & the Unthanks

    I'm glad that someone has commented on this. The first week I listened on radio and thought it was rubbish but as I had recorded it on my little walkman I listened again on earphones and that brought out the lyrics. (that is a consequence of being old and needing hearing aids). I must say that I...
  10. George BB

    To tongue or not to tongue

    That is true as I have found I have been huffing and puffing with a BB for the last thirty five years but have recently changed to Baritone and now have to concentrate on tonguing the notes or they just don't start. With the bucket mouthpiece there is more room to use the lips alone but as...
  11. George BB

    Mystery instrument

    Thanks everybody, that is the one. I had almost remembered the name but had been searching for Cym rather than Cim.
  12. George BB

    Mystery instrument

    A lady asked me what a strange instrument was that she had seen in an orchestra. It was very like a valved trombone but sat upright in front of the player with the bell at the top and pointing forward. Now I had seen one of these at a Tuba and Euphonium symposium several years ago at the RNCM...
  13. George BB

    How to Survive the Area Contests

    When you do get on the platform after all that interminable waiting then concentrate 110% I used to get so used to the music that I went on to autopilot, then in the middle, would look up at the audience or to see where the adjudicators tent was and suddenly realise that I'd lost my place in the...
  14. George BB

    do you need to read bass clef to play Bb Bass?

    I've only played BB Bass for forty years so haven't got round to learning bass cleff yet. Very occasionally a very old part has come out of the library being an old military part for bombardon but they never stay in the pad. The awkward ones are when I don't notice that I have been given an Eb...
  15. George BB

    Intonation - Do you really know?

    Try a dickshunary!
  16. George BB

    Intonation - Do you really know?

    This is too complicated for me but I believe the original question was about the difference between tuning and intonation. When I started playing brass many years ago it was explained to me that when I pressed down the second valve it lowered the note by a semitone. This is tuning ! The other...
  17. George BB

    It's not a trumpet!!!!

    I always told people that my instrument was a double B flat contrabass otherwise known as a Tuba. But then I was told it is not really a Tuba but a large Sax Horn. Never mind, the only thing I am sure of is that if there is reincarnation I'm definitely going to pick something smaller next time.
  18. George BB


    As I said in posting of 5th Feb, I had a hearing test at the hospital today and this confirmed a marked loss at the higher frequencies. This could have been partly due to playing in brass band but more likely caused by fifty years of knocking nails in. (I'm a now retired carpenter) As far as the...
  19. George BB


    At 70 I have constant tinnitus and a certain amount of hearing loss so I am having my hearing tested at the hospital next Thursday. I do get discomfort verging on pain when the band get too enthusiastic as we have a small bandroom. I will ask the audiologist, or what ever they call themselves...
  20. George BB

    Flickr is mine and includes pictures of Godalming Band both at home and abroad. Straightmute will no doubt remember the trip to Mayen. Take a look Dave. Happy new year everyone, George.