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  1. rgdunning

    Whit Friday URGENT HELP

    BMP Goodshaw are still a couple of players short for Whit Friday. We are needing help from a Bb Bass and a Trombone player! We are a friendly band and would provide free beer on the coach for any willing helpers! 4th section band based near Rawtenstall.
  2. rgdunning

    BMP Europe Goodshaw Band

    Goodshaw band needs Cornet and Bass players to join our band in this very exciting year. It's our 150th year of playing and we've got a lot of interesting gigs booked in. This also includes a CD recording later this year.
  3. rgdunning

    Whit Friday - Band wanted

    Hi, I have sent you a message!
  4. rgdunning

    Sop available for Whit Friday

    Hiya, Goodshaw band need a Sop player to help us win a few contest in Saddleworth.. Let me no ASAP. Thanks Robert....
  5. rgdunning

    Several players available for Whit Friday!

    Hiya, We would all of you to come along and play with Goodshaw band inth 4th section. We're doing Saddleworth contests with free beer onth coach ;-).... we do however need more cornets?? Let me know what ya think? Cheers Robert.....
  6. rgdunning

    Musical Director Required

    BMP Europe Ltd Goodshaw Band Required: MUSICAL DIRECTOR REQUIRED Due to the planned retirement of our present MD. We are situated in Crawshawbooth near Rawtenstall. Contact: Please contact: Phil Hollows 07974 241572
  7. rgdunning

    Missing score!!!! Help needed!!!!!

    Dear All, We've just dug out our copy of 'Three Miniatures' by Philip Sparke which is the 3rd section test piece for Butlins 2012 of which were attending only to find that opur coopy of the score is missing. Can anyone send me a copy? Fingers crossed!!! Robert....
  8. rgdunning

    Brass at the Guild

    hiya and congratulations to Besses!! What testpeice did you play?
  9. rgdunning

    Fleetwood contest

    Sorry didn't mean to offend! I was interested because of our connection with you! All the best for the future!
  10. rgdunning

    Fleetwood contest

    Eagley Came 6th!
  11. rgdunning

    Fleetwood contest

    Anyone no the results yet?????
  12. rgdunning

    Whit Friday Results

    How come Stalybridge Celtic hasn't been announced yet??????? Its the last set of results to come in!
  13. rgdunning

    Tameside 2010

    Anyone have any news from the other sections???
  14. rgdunning

    Tameside 2010

    Stalybridge came 5th in the 3rd section!
  15. rgdunning

    Whit Friday Results

    Hiya All, if ya search for "Tameside Whit Friday" on google you'll find the council website link. Today they have put the full results table up! It does make for some interesting reading!!!!!
  16. rgdunning

    St Helen's March & Hymn Contest 13th June 2009

    Just thought i'd start a who's going list?????? Eccles Band will be there! :clap:
  17. rgdunning

    Lacquer or silver plate?

    I bought my Trombone a few years ago and as an instrument technician i'd go for Silver plate anyday. Its so much better to keep looking fab and very cheap to repair when ya have those unfortunate bangs and dints.... Its silver plate all the way for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. rgdunning

    "Scarborough Fair" Trombone Duet........

    Can anyone help me????? I'm trying to get hold of a full Brass Band copy of "Scarborough Fair" duet for trombones. I do have a copy of the solo part but no band parts...... Many thanks for any help i can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  19. rgdunning

    Scarborough Fair by Gordon Langford

    I'm trying to get a copy of this Trombone Trio to play at band as i've herd its a good one to do.... Can anyone help me get a full brass band copy???? Keep Smillin..........;)
  20. rgdunning

    Trombone solos with band

    Trom Solo's Blessed Assurance is a good one but its quite high up to top D (Treble Cleff). Good ones that i've played are Winning Spurt, The Acrobat (of course) My favourite is Londonderry Air by John Iveson, Blue John is a good blues/swing number but you'll need a good band under ya to get the...