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  1. bruceg

    Dillon-Sheridan Tuba Mouthpieces

    I've recently been thinking about buying a Dillon-Sheridan S3 but $125 is a fair amount of cash to shell out without first asking for some opinions from the tuba community here on tMP. So, does anybody have any opinions, good or bad, they'd like to share? Cheers :)
  2. bruceg

    Tuba Gig Bag

    I'm thinking about buying a tuba gig bag and quite fancy one of the Ritter Classics - RCB700 series. It comes in two sizes: TU18 (18" bell) and TU22 (22" bell) - they obviously keep things simple for us tuba players. My questions are as follows: Does anyone have one of these already and, if...
  3. bruceg

    Land 'o Burns Contest, Troon

    Venue: Walker Halls, Troon Date: 27th August 2005 Adjudicator(s): John Maines Format: Entertainment Programme Place/Band/Conductor/(Section)/Draw/Pts Whitburn Andrew Duncan (C) 16 195 Scottish Co-op Allan Ramsay (C) 14 193 Kirkintilloch Alistair Orr (C) 17 192 Unison...
  4. bruceg

    Hi from Oz

    Having been 7 hours behind the majority of tMPers in Colorado just a few weeks ago I now find myself 11 hours ahead in sunny, lovely Melbourne :) Work decided to send me here on Tuesday so I left at 19:15 from Edinburgh and arrived almost exactly 24 hours later (plus almost half a day :? ) in...
  5. bruceg

    Eb Bass, Fife, Scotland, 2nd / 3rd

    Intrument: Eb Bass Conductor/Compere: Location/Region: Scotland Grade: Name: Bruce Gilmour Contact Details: Email or PM thru tMP Instrument(s) played: Eb Bass / Bb Bass (at a push) Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Bass section How much notice do you...
  6. bruceg

    preston contest 2004 (part II)

    I guess I'll have to retract my original rant which was based on the naive assumption that these were national rules that I was quoting :oops: You live and learn...
  7. bruceg

    Sold/Expired WANTED - Silver tenor trombone

    This is really aimed at the local bands in Fife / Central Scotland. We're looking to borrow a silver tenor trombone for one of our players who has an allergy triggered by the gold lacquer variety. Depending on circumstances we might be willing to consider a permanent swap. Get in touch...