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    Preston Contest

    If you mean the "Brass at the Guild Hall" contest it has moved to Warrington as "Brass At The Wire" . Google that for results.
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    Cheaper Bass trombones

    Check out Wessex Tubas. They are importing Chinese trombones. Forget what you have heard about Chinese quality. These are good instruments at very good prices. I know from experience as I have seen many of their tubas and own a contrabass trombone purchased from them. I also have an instrument...
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    Sold/Expired Conn Bass Trombone Sought

    Thanks for your response. I am looking for a good condition 62HI or a 62H. Better still a 73H in good condition. The 62HCL sounds interesting. I assume this is a 62 with Lindberg rotary valves. Can you PM me with more info regarding condition, spec and price? Thanks
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    Sold/Expired Conn Bass Trombone Sought

    I am looking for a Conn bass trombone (double trigger) in good condition. Does anyone have one they wish to sell? Please post here or PM me at