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    Brass Band Hog Blog

    Nice Blog BBH...Thanks
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    The state of loud music today

    As a generalisation I think it's all relative, usually to age. Younger generation seem to like loud and Louder and even LOUDER. As you mature into old age and you're hearing is a bit more sensitive, or knackered then loud is invasive and annoying. However, if we're talking Brass Band Loud, that...
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    Buzz or No Buzz

    Don't know about Tutors but it's Buzz for me, I often buzz in the car on the way to rehearsals, whether that's right or wrong from you academics, it works for me.
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    Superb Support from Ian Amiel at John Packer Ltd

    Good story that, thanks Jack. (from a fellow Tenor Horn player!)
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    Denzil Stephens

    Another Great musician has passed away aged 92 (See 4BR article... Death of Denzil Stephens) Whilst I had no personal contact with him I remember him best from the 1980's , particularly as adjudicator at the Rochdale contest in 1988 where the band I played for at the time won both the hymn and...
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    Czardas Solo Part

    Thanks James, I think this Tim Jackson is a percussionist / drummer by the fact that he appears on a couple of you tube videos but that is of little help in my quest for a copy of the solo part. I hope the musician who took our original reads this thread and is ashamed of themselves!!
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    Czardas Solo Part

    There is No publisher on the printed score or band parts and I have had no look locating the music on any of the many websites that sell music i.e. 'Just Music' or ' Brass Band music shop (Pennine)' etc. That's the only reason I put out a message on The Mouthpiece. I do not use any of the...
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    Czardas Solo Part

    Hi, I'm auditing our bands entire library, many parts missing (and full sets) but I wonder if anyone has the Vibraphone/Xylophone solo copy to Monti's Czardas arranged by Tim Jackson that we could have a copy of please? I find it most annoying the amount of Solo copies that disappear. Any help...
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    Practise Tips

    Yes I sort of agree with that 2nd Tenor, You Tube does indeed give you a free source of performances with a general idea of how the music should sound and for that alone it is a good source. I have on many occasions listened to performances but found varying interpretations and playing standards...
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    New old boy on the block

    Hiya Dave...Great to hear you've started blowing to augment your bowling. Keep it simple at the start, scales obviously, but also get some easy melodies you like to have a go at too for more interest. I've never been a Cornet player, but finding the right mouthpiece on any instrument can be...
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    Demelza, Hugh Nash

    Hello Di, I believe this was released on 1st Jan 1990 so presume written in 1989. Not bad, only taken 17 years to answer your question...😆
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    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    Without a doubt the finest Euphonium player was the legendary John Clough from John Foster & Sons 'Black Dyke Mills Band' from the 1960's, 70's & 80's.
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    Good analogy and with Spectrum being written in 1969 probably correct. A very tough test for first section bands so good luck to you all.