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    Student Loans increased to 4.8% pa

    It's been brought to my attention that the Student Loan Company are now charging 4.8% on loans from 01/09/2007 previously before that is was only 2.4% We all knew when we took out a student loan that it will be repaid at the rate of inflation currently @ 2.3% so how can the SLC now introduce...
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    Just got Engaged

    I would like to share some excellent news with all on the TMP. I have recently come back from a holiday in Toronto, Canada and proposed to my beautiful girlfriend of 8 years. Obviously she said yes!!!:clap:
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    Looking for a band near Gloucester.

    Help needed: My girlfriend is looking to join a band in the Gloucestershire/Bristol area. I'm fed up with her moping around the house and she needs a band to entertain her. She was a Baritone player but helped out on horn at the area. She hasn't played properly for a few years and needs a...
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    Concertpiece for Cornet - James Curnow

    Has anyone heard of this piece by James Curnow. I found it on Microsoft music and it's brilliant - where can I buy it from, can anyone help. Please!!!!!!!!!
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    Vacancies at Cwmaman

    Horn Player urgently required Edit: Please check latest posts for current vacancies. Cwmaman Institute Band (Championship section)are urgently looking for a Horn Player to complete it's line up for Welsh Area on 19/03/06. Due to the transfer deadline now imminent we are looking for someone who...
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    Adam, Eve and the Serpent

    Cwmaman Institute Silver Band (Championship Section) require a top quality Solo Cornet player for the second 'Eden' project i.e. National Championships to be held in London on 15th October 2005. Please contact me on 07815 845528 or PM as soon as possible if interested in joining this...
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    Welsh Pride - Lions & ebay Click on the link above scroll down to read the product thus revealing the pride of a Welsh nation.
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    Eden - First Thoughts We at Cwmaman attempted (in the loosest of terms possible) to run through the new National Test Piece - Eden last night. What a stinker of a piece - wierd time signatures - 11/12 & 3/10, difficult unison (notation) cadenza type passages and a trombone part probably...
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    Steve Barnsley

    Best Soprano player Wales has ever produced.:clap: This bloke (Originally from Cwmaman) is a fantastic player and will not be easily replaced. BAYV have lost a gem. Any thoughts on those who know him or have heard his haunting sound at concerts / contests. SH Edit: Image linked from...
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    Professional or Amatuer - 4BR

    Extract from 4BR – Postcard from Yeovil Why they always have to hold it on an international rugby weekend? It may seem like a small point, but for those lovers of the oval ball game it becomes perhaps the only contest of the year when certain bands are actively wishing for their...
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    Stella Awards

    Once again, it's time to review the winners of the Annual Stella Awards. The Stella's are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled coffee on herself & successfully sued McDonalds. That case inspired the Stella Awards for the most frivolous successful lawsuits in the United States...
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    Who's the Better Cook

    It's my opinion men are now better cooks than woman. My lady tried to cook soup (from a packet) but forgot to add water leaving the cooker on full. Who agree's with me?? Your thoughts please.
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    Big Blowers

    Cwmaman Institute Silver Band (Tower Colliery) have a urgent vacancy in their engine room for a 3rd Cornet. Planned contests include Yeovil, Porthcawl, Swansea (Area) and Grand Shield. Lifts available to band from many locations. We have just secured the services of both Jin Tanaka and...