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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    BBE have posted an excellent explanation about CPL but what is your band doing about it, particularly before the Areas?
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    Old Hundred

    Is the Vaughan Williams arrangement of All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Old Hundred) transcribed for Band? If so can anybody tell me who by and who are the publishers?
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    Tewkesbury Town Band, 3rd Section, WoE, vacancies

    Due to longer term illness Tewkesbury Town Band (top 6 in 4th Section, West of England) requires a Bb Bass. Also we still need another Eb Bass. Two sell out Christmas Concerts, Butlins in January and the Area in Torquay in March, all to look forward to. (A CD in the making at the start of...
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    Hello from the Fedman

    For quite a while now I have enjoyed reading both the positive and negative inputs from everyone on this site. You all obviously love your banding. Well I am the treasurer at the BFBB - yes one of those in the ivory tower! Just here to say hello. I have just come in from conducting my band at...