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    Weston-Super-Mare Contest Entrants?

    Calling all Brass Band lovers. Does anyone have a list of the bands entering the open and second sections at Weston next weekend?
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    The 'Official' tMP Midlands Regional Thread

    I agree with the comments about the venue - this is the first time I have contested in the Midlands area, after years in the West. How can you have a band contest in a venue that has no bar?!!! (And I managed to get thrown out of the nearest pub within five minutes of entering as well!)...
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    Web Filters - I Don't Believe It!!!!

    Thanks for sorting that out, and I apologise that the rude bit wasn't a bit more exciting (I think that was my point to start with!). I really wish I lived in Scunthorpe now!!
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    Web Filters - I Don't Believe It!!!!

    I live in W E L L E S B O U R N E. Ooooh how rude. Not as bad as Scunthorpe though!!!!
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    Web Filters - I Don't Believe It!!!!

    Just seen my own post and you can't read my town in the body of the text either. I'll have to change my details to "near Stratford"!!
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    Web Filters - I Don't Believe It!!!!

    I've just posted for the first time since moving to my new home in Wellesbourne in Warwickshire, and on the left-hand side of that post (and this one, no doubt!) you can't see where I'm located cos five of the letters have been replaced by stars as those letters, taken by themselves, might be...
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    The 'Official' tMP West of England Regional Thread

    We've just had our areas in the Midlands, so we can relax and watch you lot suffer for another week! As Naomi says, good luck, and especially to Soundhouse - go for it - you know who you have to beat!!!!
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    Another FIRE alarm during perfomance

    Every sympathy to the bands affected, although there is also a safety issue here. The second section bands had already played by this point and were therefore in the bar - no fire alarm went off where we were and nobody tried to evacuate us either - we heard about the problem in the auditorium...
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    Inappropriate (yet funny) music?

    We once played Blaze Away at a cremation. However, it had been requested by the deceased (before he died!) who was a ex-member of the band with a rather robust sense of humour!
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    Bands in Oxfordshire / Warwickshire

    Just looked at the Martlesham Brass map - it's amazing and must have taken somebody hours!! I tried to e-mail them to say so but the link isn't working - if anyone is with them, please pass on my compliments to the webmaster!
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    Excellent, well done - now I'm going to go and e-mail it to eveyone I know.
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    FAO: Naomi - Virus!

    Yes, yes, death to all spammers!!! Hooray!
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    Bands in Oxfordshire / Warwickshire

    Just found out I'm moving house in the summer - from Plymouth to south Warwickshire (near Banbury). Anybody know what bands are in that area or how I can find out? This is obviously far more important than looking for a house or a school for the children! A cornet and baritone from a 2nd...
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    OFSTED Inspections

    Ive been saying for ages that OFSTED inspections should last for a couple of days only with no notice at all, so this is a step in the right direction. That way, the inspection sees what the school is really like and the staff don't kill themselves for 6 weeks beforehand preparing.
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    Another very addictive game...

    722! That's better - maybe the Chardonnay is starting to wear off!
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    Another very addictive game...

    I know i'm off topic but stabbyjnr, I strongly resent your sign-off line!!! I'm the most modest and small-headed cornet player around, as anyone who knows me will confirm!!! 8)
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    Another very addictive game...

    I think if you're suggesting this game, you ought to confess to your own top score, just to let us know where we are starting from! I don't mind being despised by everyone 494 isn't that pathetic?!!! That is after a bottle of Chardonnay and sitting through I'm A Celebrity. There you are guys...
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    User names that pique the curiosity.

    Grrrr :evil:
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    cork or rubber?

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    Drummer Jokes

    I'm sorry Naomi - I didn't mean to be rude - one day you'll have babysitters to pay for and it's amazing how it focusses the mind! It really was nice to see (and hear!) you though :oops: