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  1. mel

    Sold/Expired Bach Flugel for Sale

    Flugel for sale Can I just say, for anyone who is interested in buying the Bach strad, I have one and is a fab instrument with a lovely tone. Wouldn't play any other flugel. :clap:
  2. mel

    What band do you play for?

    Flugel Wem Jubilee Band:clap:
  3. mel

    so what do you think?

    Like it loads more, much easier to find things Well done! :-D
  4. mel

    Happy 18th Birthday Jo

    Happy Birthday Jo, hope you had a great party. Sorry I was unable to make it. xxx :bounce
  5. mel

    tMP Band to play at 2004 Pontins

    Name: Mel Instrument played: Cornet Other Instruments played: None Current position held: Solo Cornet Your Present Band : Wem Jubilee Band Section of Band: 3rd Is your Band playing at the contest?: Yes Are you prepared to play a solo item?: No
  6. mel

    Jan Shingler - Wem Jubilee Band

    Our thoughts are with you Claire, Adrian and the whole family at this time. Jan gave so much, friendship, help, however much time and effort it took. You were always there, doing so much for the band. And a friend to everyone. You will be dearly missed Rest in peace, Jan. Love...
  7. mel

    Official tMP Whit Friday 2004 Report

    Some great photo's there sparkley, well done on all the work you put in :D
  8. mel

    Easingwold 2004 - tMP players required

    1. Full Name: Mel MacFadyen 2. Under 18: No 2. Current Band: Wem Jubilee 3. Section of current band: 3rd 4. Instrument: cornet 5. Position held: Solo cornet 6. Other instruments willing to play:
  9. mel

    tMPers at the Whits

    I bumped into Sudcornet, it was really nice to see him again.
  10. mel

    EASINGWOLD 26th June 2004

    Hopefully I will be there again, was a great day out last year
  11. mel

    Those special words and phrases....

    I am really "Capped" = I am really "pleased" Another Yorkshire expression
  12. mel

    the Event: money raised & promised so far...

    Good on you Jo, I took my form into work as well today, have got £95 so far
  13. mel

    The Event - Good News from the BBC

    I am available, as Roger has kindly given me permission to miss rehearsal that night. Mel Macfadyen - Solo cornet Wem Jubilee Band
  14. mel

    Does your band sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you are fibbing Elin, you sang very well at the Christmas concert as Miss Von Trapp, may I add in front of an audience of 300 :lol: +
  15. mel

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    I too had a great day at Easingwold, nice to see people again I had met before and meet new people. It was great fun. Also thanks to Lloyd for carrying the banner for us as we marched. (great banner Andrea & Dave). I am looking forward to November :D
  16. mel

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    Its ready in my bag :wink:
  17. mel

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    Am really looking forward to seeing everyone today I am sitting here waiting for the wemions to pick me up, so hurry up Andrea, Big Twigge and Mr Thorne. See you all there
  18. mel

    Just Wondering...

    If I had a long distance to travel, I would like to think my petrol expenses were covered. Expenses should be something that is made clear from the onset. No annoyance felt then, if nothing is offered.
  19. mel

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    That suits me fine Sud, I'm happy :D
  20. mel

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    What have you got me down for Sud :) Dont mind whatever it is, just so I know