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  1. Gavin

    Contact/help needed...

    Hi all We are trying to get in touch with Mr. J. A. Lester living in Fritchley, Derbyshire. Can anyone help? If anyone has any info at all, please pm me. Thanks in advance Gavin JAGRINS Music Publications
  2. Gavin

    The once & future king study scores

    JAGRINS is going to produce some study scores of Andrew Baker’s ‘The Once & Future King’ and will have them available for sale at the Welsh Area next weekend. If you’re not going to Wales but would like one for your Area, they will be for sale online at from Monday 9th March...
  3. Gavin

    JAGRINS Subscription Service (Christmas has come early) Offer

    JAGRINS Subscription Service (Christmas has come early) Offer Please note that this offer will expire on 30th November 2008 and we will contribute 5% to of any Subscription taken out by a member (just quote TMP13). So, Subscribe before the end of November and you will...
  4. Gavin

    Gavin Pritchard Leaves Tongwynlais

    After just over one very turbulent year, Gavin Pritchard has decided to leave the Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band. There have been many factors, which have led to his decision, not least events from the past few days. “It is with a heavy heart that I have come to this decision as in...
  5. Gavin

    "Innovative Programme" music released

    JAGRINS is pleased to announce the release of 2 pieces from Tongwynlais Temperance's programme at the recent Butlins Contest that was described by the adjudicators & 4barsrest alike as "Innovative". The pieces are 'Radetzky!' in an absolutely "off-the-page" arrangement (that opened the...
  6. Gavin

    Pritchard Wins Solo Prize

    At the Butlins Mineworker’s Entertainment Contest on Sunday 20th January, the Solo Prize was awarded to Percussionist Gavin Pritchard. Gavin, very ably accompanied by the Tongwynlais Temperance Band conducted by his father Gareth, played a piece commissioned for him by JAGRINS by the very...
  7. Gavin

    Sold/Expired Errata-free test piece at a National Contest!!

    News has emerged that a Test Piece chosen for the Swiss National Brass Band Championships was supplied to all the bands without an errata. ‘The Once and Future King’ by Andrew Baker was used by the Swiss Brass Band Federation as the 3rd section Test Piece at their recent National...
  8. Gavin

    Sold/Expired Andrew Baker's "The once and Future King" available now

    Andrew Baker is back from Switzerland after hearing 9 Bands play his new Test Piece, ‘The Once & Future King’. The piece, published by JAGRINS and now available for general release, was greeted with much acclaim. Not only for its suitability in terms of technical difficulty, but also for the...
  9. Gavin

    Sold/Expired Ray Farr book and DVD on conducting JAGRINS Music Publications are pleased to announce the release of Ray Farr’s book and DVD on conducting, entitled ‘Introduction to Conducting’. Ray Farr, who is thought of by many to have the best ‘stick technique’ around is the Conductor in Residence...
  10. Gavin

    Andrew Baker piece chosen for Swiss Nationals

    ‘The Once and Future King’ by Andrew Baker (Anno Draconis), has been chosen as the 3rd Section Test Piece for the Swiss Nationals in Montreux on 24th November 2007. Andrew began playing the cornet with Northop Youth Band in North Wales. After graduating in Music from Nottingham University, he...
  11. Gavin

    New Conductor for Lewis Merthyr

    We would like to announce, with great pleasure, that Gareth Pritchard has agreed to accept the position of Musical Director of the Lewis Merthyr Band. Gareth is currently the very successful Musical Director of Tongwynlais Temperance and has decided to add Lewis Merthyr to his portfolio. He...
  12. Gavin

    5 octave marimba

    I am looking to borrow/hire a 5 octave marimba for the next few days to prepare for the Euro Solo Competition. I'm based in South Wales, but I am prepared to travel to pick up/practice. Is there by chance anyone on here that owns one, or knows someone who does?? Gavin Pritchard
  13. Gavin

    Sold/Expired 3 New Releases From TMP MEMBERS!

    We at JAGRINS are pleased to announce the release of 3 new pieces from tMP members! THE SWORD AND THE STAR - Andrew Baker (Anno Draconis) The inspiration for this work was the Middleton Band’s crest, which features a medieval archer, and the "Flodden Sword" from the battle of Flodden in...
  14. Gavin

    Sold/Expired The Rose

    A brand new arrangement (as a Cornet Solo) of Westlife's chart topping single, The Rose is now available to purchase from our website! This is a limited issue! Get your copy while stocks last! Gavin Pritchard JAGRINS Music Publications
  15. Gavin

    Sold/Expired JAGRINS Christmas Music Sale

    To celebrate the launch of our new online payment scheme (through the hosting of Pay Pal we can now accept any credit/debit card online!), we are pleased to announce a Christmas Music Sale!! Use our new method of payment for our music/books and receive an incredible discount on all our...
  16. Gavin

    Sold/Expired 101 Things to do with Hymn Tunes

    Just started back rehearsals after a nice long summer break? Already fed up of doing the same old hymns the same old way? If so, why not get your band to buy this ultimate band training guide by Russell Gray? Called 101 Things to do with Hymn Tunes, it is exactly that and comes with it's...
  17. Gavin

    Sold/Expired How To Buy Dick Evans' New Book!?

    The details on how to go about purchasing your copy of Richard Evans' book, "Dick the Stick", have now been made public on 4barsrest. The page you'll be looking for is: Any queries, just post them here and i'll answer them as best I can...
  18. Gavin


    Due to the amazing amount of interest that has been created up to now, there is now a discount on Peter Roberts' Autobiography. Check out for more details! For those of you that have already placed your order, don't worry, you will receive the discount when you get the...
  19. Gavin


    As you have all probably seen from 4barsrest 'coming soon' section, Peter Roberts' Autobiography is about to be released! You can pre-order your copy by logging onto our new website: Gavin - JAGRINS Music Publications