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    Jelly and Blancmange

    Daughters 1st Birthday party is less than a fortnight away and I have a dilemma. We are arranging a birthday party and want the usual kids food including jelly and blancmange. Finding jelly in the shops, no problem but what has happended to packet mixes of blancmanage. One of the major...
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    Inducing Labour

    Well the arrival of BassBoneShep/Daisygemma junior is now late (only 1 day). Any suggestions from fellow TMPer's on how to induce labour (don't necessarily want labour horror stories as we may have our own to come!). The most common is supposdly a good curry so may try that later this week...
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    Fred Dibnah

    Just for those who have missed it (like me), The great Fred Dibnah is no more. He passed away on 6th November 2004 and was his funeral yesterday. I think there is one more TV series to come but you can't beat the early days of his TV work running away from falling chimneys, denting cars as...
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    Highlights of the Evening

    Just back from Whit Friday Marches (and waiting for the fish fingers to cook!) and wondered what was your highlight of the evening. We managed five contests, best performance on the stand was probably Uppermill, although all were pretty good. Best reaction to the march was Denshaw with a...
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    Wetherby Silver Band seeks players

    Eb Bass and Percussionist Required Edit: For current vacancies and contact details see most recent posts Wetherby Silver Band require two Eb Bass players (currently feeding off borrowed ones!) and a percussionist (kit player deserting us for Uni). Interested, send me a message and will fill...